$7500 to 50k Part 3


Strat gained me 22% so I sold all my shares again except for 0.04 btc. Keeping my portion sizing.

I saw that Power Ledger was at a low price so I bought into that. It moved up 7% after a few hours so I sold and took the profit. Then it dipped and I bought in again. When it moved up 6% I sold. This was all in one day.

After the Power Ledger sale I bought into GCR. This trade did not go as planned. All the info said it would move up over the next few weeks. It has not and I am still in this trade. I am up 7% but having held it this long I am looking for a better return.

Aion was the next coin I invested in. I was up 16% at one time, I am down 21%, but this is one I will hold onto for a month or longer. The information I have found shows it looks to move up even more.

I am trying to get to 50k sooner than later, which means I should’ve taken the 16%. But I also don’t want to miss out on an even greater return if things point in that direction.

I now sit at a little over 10k in about a week. Not too bad. The DBC investment worked out well but I have also been taking smaller profits and they add up.

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