$7500 to $50k Part 4


Alright, we are doing pretty well here. Sitting at a $10,500 in just over a week. Made $3000 in that time. Can’t complain with that. Now for some of the next investments.

Neo went up to an all time high of around $160. I waited, ignoring the feeling of FOMO, until it fell. I bought at $98. It went back up, I sold, and it gave me an 11% return. 

With this coin I could’ve waited and gotten a larger return but I am not being greedy at this point.

ADA returned to a buy price, so I bought into that again. This turned out not to be such a good buy price. I am down 23%.

Doing this I am focusing on coins I know and like. That way if something doesn’t go as planned, like with ADA, I don’t mind. I like the coin and know it has long term value.

Zcoin is a coin I am heavily invested in. At one point it was up to $150, I bought in at 0.0072 btc. It is now at 0.061, so I am down 15%. At one time I was up 9% but knowing this coin the longer I hold the bigger return will be.

A little rougher go of it at this point. But even with these being down I am still up. This is the beauty of diversification and portion sizing.

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