What Can Cause Coin Price To Rise


There are several things that can cause a coin to rise in price. I will list a few to give you a better idea.

  • Finished Product

All coins want to do something. But some of the coins don’t actually have their product finished. It is just an idea on a piece of paper. If a coin actually has something that is up and running this can make the price higher. Also if a coin goes from an idea to an actual working product the price can increase

  • Real World Application

If the coin has a useful place in the world and it works. An example of this is Power Ledger. They deal with solar power and have infrastructure up and running. It has a use in the world and is being used already.

  • Being Added To A Big Exchange

There are many exchanges out there. Some are used more than others. So if a coin goes from a small one to a big one it will get traded more. With more trading the price can go up.

  • News

If news comes out favorably for a coin the price could rise. For example, if a coin announces a partnership with a well known company.

  • Hitting Roadmap Goal

A coin has a roadmap, which is a timeline of what they want to accomplish and when. If a coin hits a goal on the roadmap and implements something new price can increase.

  • Pump And Dump

There are groups out there that will get together and cause a coin to rise in price. They will then sell once it hits a goal they have, causing the price to fall.

  • Low Supply And High Demand

If a coin has limited supply and high demand the price will increase because people want it.


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