Swing Trade Or Hodl? A Bit Of Both


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Portfolio- https://cointracking.info/portfolio/bitbetterhavemymoney

Broke $6000. Nice little jump in the portfolio. Have not been doing much trading, just enjoying some moves upward.

Swing trade or Hodl? This is the question many people ask when starting to invest in crypto. Some people only do one or the other. But how about this…

Yup, I do both. Why not, you get the best of both worlds.

With this strategy I have two portfolios. One is for long term holds that I don’t look at very much. The other is a trading portfolio that I look at a lot. Probably more than is healthy.

This allows me to build my long-term holds while taking profit from swing trades. 

Swing trading does take more effort and time though. If you do want the added stress, then I suggest to just buy and hold.

In the video I show some trades I made using both strategies. Everyone will find something that works for them and this is mine.

And again…..

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