Position Sizing, Consolidate, Achain and Strat


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Portfolio- https://cointracking.info/portfolio/bitbetterhavemymoney

Not much movement in the portfolio, $5900 as of now. It has just been moving around $58-$6200. Not to worried about it. If we can just get a slow move upward the market will be healthier than a quick jump up.

I am actually debating on selling Achain, up 14%, and Start, up 20%, right now. Thinking of just waiting. I thought about selling Strat 2 hours ago and I am glad I didn’t. It went up 6% since then.

I have been thinking a lot about my position size lately. When I started with $7500 I decided I would use 8% per trade, which was 0.04 Bitcoin.

As my portfolio grew I stayed with that same position size and I accumulated more coins. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it spreads my risk. But it can be a lot to manage and keep track of.

I am now trying to decide if I should consolidate my portfolio. Get rid of some coins I am not as confident in, and move them into stronger ones.

My position size would have to increase and then my risk increases as well. The returns would obviously be higher too.

I had originally planned to change my position size when I doubled my money. I was up to $15k and was about to do just that, then the market fell.

I am leaning toward doing this as all my coins become profitable again. I am still down money in some and do not want to sell at a loss.

For now, I will have to think on this more.

And for one that fits the moment…..


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