My First ICO, Budbo


An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is when you buy a coin before it is even released. You are basically getting in on the ground floor.

These can be very risky with all the scams out there. Damn scams ruining it for people.

Budbo is the ICO I invested in. It deals with security and transportation of pot. I know some may look at that and think, “I would never invest in something dealing with pot.”

Well f**k off, it’s legal. Maybe I have cataracts, even think of that. Well, I don’t have them but some people do.

Ya that sh*t looks painful.

Anyway, ICO’s have the potential to return a very nice profit. It still takes a ton of research to find good ones that offer something people will want.

I invested $200 into this ICO. Not a ton, but still enough for a decent return if it works. I am hoping for a 3-5x return.


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