$7500 To $50k Part 8


Well I had a quick jump from $13,900 to $14,400. Then it went back down to $12,000.

Sh*t. It was pretty much my own doing.

I took profit from some coins and diversified out. The new coins went down a little as did some other investments.

I am supposed to diversify to minimize risk, but damn, if I had stayed put I wouldn’t of lost some money.

I followed all my rules and still lost on this. In the long term it will work out, but still feels like a kick in the nuts.

Slowly, very slowly, I am getting used to losing this type of money in a short time. I make money fast so it has to go both way. I guess that is why we live on the edge…

See what I did there. That is funny. Go ahead and laugh.

And now the numbers.

Waves- went up 30%, sold to invest in other coins, kept some for long term hold

OMG- new investment, went down

Salt- new investment, went down

Vechain- new investment, went up, i know wtf, sold at 15% profit, going to buy back in on a dip

Ardor- went up 32%, sold and will hold the rest for long term

Dragonchain- new investment, stayed about where I bought at

To close out, I wonder if anyone actually gets this far to see these?


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