Damnit Google


Google Ads just released a statement saying they will no longer allow cryptocurrency ads.

Well, that sucks. The market has not been doing very well right now, FML, and then this happens. Just keep piling on.

Whatever, could have been worse news.

For example

Wife- Hey, you know that giant tree in the backyard?

Me- Ya, what about it?

Wife- It just fell over and crushed the trampoline.

This actually happened and I can’t find the picture. So here is this one instead.


That’s real

Because of this news the market has gone down some, but seems to have recovered. Honestly, I am not as worried about this as some people.

Why, well let me tell you.

  1. I have never invested in a coin I saw from a Google Ad.
  2. I have never gotten info about a coin from a Google Ad.

Where we may see an affect is in how fast new investors come into crypto. Most people use Google and Facebook. Both these companies have banned crypto ads.

So the exposure to new investors went down.

But wait, there is still the news, word of mouth, blogs, twitter, podcasts, YouTube, ect.

And when prices begin to rise, and people are making money, all of these news sources will be lighting up. You will hear about it, almost guaranteed.

Then let the FOMO begin.

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