Crypto Gave Me Motivation


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I am 34 years old with a wife and three kids. I wake up, drive my fed-ex route, come home, play with the kids, at 9pm they go to bed, then I watch movies or play video games.

That was my day, every day, not many changes. I started to get bored.

I suppose many of us feel this way. Get in a routine and get tired of it. Start looking for something else to do, occupy our time. Video games had lost their appeal and movies didn’t keep my interest like they used to.

So what do you do?

I started thinking about other ways to spend my time. Ways that make better use of my time. When I saw I had played Payday 2 for over 150 hours, I thought “I could have been spending that time doing something more productive.”

Finding something to do with the time was the hard part. I wanted to do something that could make some money. I thought about writing a book, starting a movie podcast, and possibly an online business. Nothing peaked my interest.

Then I found crypto.

At first all I knew was that you could buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. I got tired of paying fees and found Gdax. Then I found alt coins and other exchanges. My world opened up.

When I started looking at alt coins, I realized there was money to be made. I had to research coins to find good ones. Then look at charts and find a good buy in prices. After buying I would watch and wait for a time to sell. My time had been occupied.

The more time I spend researching crypto, the more I realize I have much more to learn. There is always something new happening. New coins, new laws, price changes, ect. The industry is always changing. It is impossible to master.

Crypto has given me motivation to do new things. I write this blog, do a YouTube video, and a podcast. I have done interviews which is something I had never done before. I am enjoying all of it.

I have found a profitable way to occupy my time. It allows me to keep learning and never be bored. Crypto has done all of this for me. 

To be a little less serious……




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