$7500 to $50k Part 14- Down Goes Crypto


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Yup, that is what it feels like right now. Portfolio is down to $3400. Hurts a bit when I think that it was up to $15k. That is a long fall down.

Lately, I have been asked a lot when the market is going to come back. All the people who got in during the big run up were expecting to make big money. Now that it’s gone down, people are impatient.

I get it, most of us are losing money and it is not fun. We need to think about the people who bought bitcoin when it was $2. They waited a long time, and it paid off.

It will go up, but it may take a little time.

I have not been making any trades lately. I would have to put in more cash or move some Bitcoin to do it. I want to keep my Bitcoin where it is, so when it goes up I can make a profit. 

I have been buying Bitcoin and Ethereum every Wednesday. Usually around $20 of each. Not much, but it adds up over time. With the price being as low as it is I am able to increase my holdings at a great price. 

Right now that is my main goal. Increase Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings while I can. It will get back to all-time highs. I do not want to be thinking, man I wish I would have bought when it was $7500 instead of $20k.

Patience is difficult, but right now it is the name of the game.

Here is another pic……..

The more I look the more I laugh at the wolf.

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