Alt Coin Investing Plan


I have $7500 to make trades with. My original thought was to find one altcoin I really liked and to put it all in the one coin.

What I actually did was find three altcoins and invested $2500 into each of them. Now after thinking about it more I made a mistake. I invested too heavily into to few coins.

My plan going forward is to invest $550 into several different coins as I find them. Then if one profits I can sell it and look for another coin. Doing this I can spread the risk and increase my chance at profit.

I recommend investing 5-8% of the total amount of USD you have into several altcoins.

If you are starting with $100 this strategy may not work the best as the investments might be to small. In this case I would try to stay around $30 for each coin you find. Don’t invest in unknown coins. Try to get ones like Ripple, IOTA, or any in the top 20 of coinmarketcap.

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