Why I Am Investing In Crypto


I was in highschool when the Internet boom happened and was more interested in downloading movies and looking at boobs than investing. Do you remember the loading screens? They were the worst.

I look back now and wish I was older than. Ready and looking to invest. There was money to be made. Sure people lost money, but the OPPORTUNITY was there. Isn’t that what we all want, the opportunity to make money.

 Here are things I hear when I tell people about crypto.

  1. I want to invest in something that has a product and does something.

Well, crypto has many products and many do something. You can’t just go by some random thing you read. Yes, many coins are only an idea. But aren’t business ideas an IDEA. Businesses don’t become million dollar things immediately. They start with an idea.

Many coins are more than an idea and have an actual product. Power Ledger, they deal in renewable energy, has an infrastructure up and running AND is being used.

2. It is too volatile.

So the stock market never crashed? The housing bubble didn’t burst? Almost everything is a risk. But as the old cliche goes, “Without risk there is no reward.”

Not everything has to be looked at negatively. Instead of saying crypto is too volatile and you could lose money, try another way.

How about this. Because the market is volatile, I can make big gains. In the stock market you get an average return of 7%.

In crypto 7% is a lower return. This is still good, any return is, but many people try and do get higher.

3. I have no money to invest.

Neither did I. You know what I did. I didn’t buy that video game, didn’t go out to eat that day. I used that money to invest instead.

4. The amount of money I can invest is too small. It won’t be worth it.

How do you know? Have you invested in crypto before?

You can invest whatever amount you want. I invested $20 into coins. A big investment for me at the time was $100.

I took a $50 dollar investment and made $500. I didn’t think the $50 was to small and wouldn’t be worth it.

5. I know nothing about crypto?

Again, neither did I. I learned. Reach out to people you know that are invested in crypto. They will be glad to help. Continue reading this post. Join groups online. Read articles online.

AboveCrypto is a group I am in. People in this group are extremely helpful and willing teach you. Join and read what people say. You will be surprised what you pick up.

Of course there is risk involved when investing in crypto, but life is a risk. Venture Capitalists invest in startup companies. There is risk in startups. But also a chance at great returns.

I see crypto as my chance at the Internet Boom. I truly believe it will allow me to retire earlier than I thought. It can help me pay for my kids college.

Could I be wrong? Yes, but I don’t think I am. This technology is here to stay.

I see this as a life changing opportunity. Don’t be too afraid to at least take a small chance.

Now for something lighter….



  1. Do not discount the stock market. There’s still huge opportunity there. Stocks, futures, bonds, and forex have literally $$ trillions traded on their exchanges every day. You just have to find your own niche. Yours may be cryptocurrency markets. Mine is the US stock market.

    • So true. I was looking at getting into the stock market when I found crypto. Will eventually move into that as well as crypto. Making money in more than one way is always good.

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