Get Friends In Crypto


Remember sitting in the corner by yourself at a dance? Wondering what the hell you are doing here?

YOU DON’T. Well, good for you. Imagine something else than because you are too cool for that analogy.

Anyway, that feeling of being alone and confused might be what you are feeling when you first get into the crypto world.

So what can you do?

Build a network of friends. It doesn’t need to be a large network. Not all of us are Bruce Lee cool. Just talk to some people you know that invest in crypto.

Socially awkward like me? Don’t like to get online to build a network of friends? I hear ya. So now what?

Just join some online groups. Try Discord, Facebook, Telegram, or Slack. You don’t have to talk, thank god. Man, I hate having those awkward conversations with people. ME- Hi. THEM- Hi. End of conversation.

You can Google crypto groups and you can find them. Some are better than others so you will have to try them and see what you like.

The group I use the most is AboveCrypto. 

I was one of their first subscribers and it was a smart move on my part. The group helped me learn what to do.

I still use other groups because the more information I can find the better. It is just hard to find trustworthy sources.

If you are in some groups you like, I would love to hear about them.

And for your enjoyment…

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