Use Volatility In Your Favor, Don’t Be Scared Of It (Part 1)


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$5865 as I am writing this, up about 4% in a day or so. Can’t complain with that.

Have had big gains in DBC (101% in 7 days) and GRS (112% in 7 days). Hell ya. After everything being down, it’s so nice to see things moving up again. Got a longs ways to go but heading in the right direction.

On a side note I was talking to a friend about investing in DBC two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it done and now I feel terrible. Sh*t, but who knew. My luck it would’ve went down instead of up.

He reads these, so my bad Ben hahaha.

Looking at the portfolio, almost everything is up in the 7 day trend. This is great. But I am still not positive things are going to keep going. It could be a bull trap and the bottom fall out soon. I guess we will see.

Now onto volatility.

Crypto markets are volatile, but don’t let this scare you. With volatility come a chance to make a profit.

If you know what the market is like, you can embrace it and use it to your advantage. People seem to forget and don’t take a profit when they can.

For example, I invested in DBC at 533 BTC. It went up past 3300 BTC. That is just a f**king crazy return. You math geniuses can figure out the percent return on that, I suck at math. But that does not happen all the time.

Some people will not sell their holdings when their coin runs up like this. I am not like those people.

Sh*t ya I sell on a run up like that. I do not sell off all my coins at once, but little by little. I want my profit and I take it.

The people who don’t sell are worried that it will keep going up and they will miss out on more profit. Well, I took my profit, and theirs is still just imagined.

Now here is where the volatility comes in. I made that purchase of DBC at the price of 533 on December 30. On March 30 I bought back in at the price of 529. 

Yes baby Tom, I am serious. (I named him Tom because I am making fun of a friend).

Volatility, make it work for you. Three months to the day I was able to buy in at a lower price than I initially got in at. I have my profit and a better buy in price.

I love finding pics for this part….


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