Starting Swing Trades, Dutch ETF (Transcript)


Starting Swing Trades, Dutch ETF

To bit better have my money. My daughter’s sitting over there on her computer, kind of awkward. It’s making me feel a little weird right now, but she can maybe learn something. I doubt it. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at trading portfolio again. Still Point three, nine bitcoin 2,520 5:52. Actually, that’s where it’s been sitting. No big real changes, uh, seems to have leveled off at that point, which I’ll take is a good thing on the daily Xlr up 25 percent. That’s awesome. Deep brain chain. Oh man, that’s up 13 percent. We’re going to look at that here in a minute. Oh, the trending our. Oh crap. It’s up 14 percent in our. I’m going to have to hurry this up. Up Twenty five percent on the, on a seven days. So that’s, that’s nice. A deep brain chain doing pretty well. Xlrs well up 52 percent in seven days.

[00:58] So, uh, it definitely helped where Bitcoin, when it went down to 5,800 and then hopped right back up, everything kind of took a big boost. So we’ll take it a omg, 18 percent on the seven day a, let’s look at the losers on this GCR good thing. I’m not in that syndicator down eight point five percent for the day. So that’s not bad. Winning’s a percent. Um, yeah, nothing, nothing too crazy. I’m actually looking at power ledger again to move into some more wise. The only reason I’m really not is it took a huge jump and in the seven days it’s at 42 percent, ups, 7:42 percent in seven days. So I would like to see it drop more, especially with the way the market is before I move into it again. Um, but we’ll see how that goes. Uh, look on chain effects here. Bitcoin at 6,500 down one percent in theory him for 65 down like one point five percent.

[01:59] So nothing too crazy. Most everything, most well stuff. Probably like seven. Um, everything’s down except for like seven coins on, on chain effects, which, you know, ups and downs, whatever. So look at the top gainers. I don’t know, Ctx c Cortex up 25 percent, 23 percent for the day. What is this cortex states that its main mission is to provide the state of the art machine learning models on the blockchain, which users can infer using smart checks on the smart contracts in the cortex. Blockchain, I think I read that one earlier. I think it might’ve been on here, but that’s up 23 percent for the day. What’s the volume? Twenty four hour trading volume. 20 seven point nine. $9 million. That’s a lot. Um, it looks like it’s only two months old over the week. It’s up 44 percent month. It’s down 26 percent. So I might actually have to check into that one all time.

Highest Two dollars and 28, twenty six cents. And that happened April 29th of this month. It’s down 57 percent interest in, uh, the next one. Coin shares nice up three percent. Funfair two percent funfair. Sounds like it might be getting a with the US. You know, I don’t know exactly where all you guys listen to this from, but in the US we got legalized sports gambling now. So I think crypto is gonna play a decent part in that and fun, fair, maybe the coin to do that. Um, we interesting to see what happens in that. So let’s look at a couple of news things quickly here. Wabi, I believe it’s how you say it. I actually share, they actually launched, launched a cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. Australia is one of the quietly maybe, but it’s actually kind of on the forefront it seems like in cryptocurrency, like they have a bunch of coins come from.

[04:11] They’re really good, like a power ledgers from there and there. They’re doing a lot of really good work. I’m like, they’re having like an energy crisis down there and maybe that’s what’s doing it, I don’t know. But Australia Nice, nice work. So it’s good to see that they got um, lobby down there now and it looks like they’re going to start trading 10 pairs. So trading, we’ll start with 10 pairs exchange for this strange alien dollar. So Wabi moving down there. I don’t really exactly know what other ones do they have down there, I would assume the bigger ones, but more the better for everybody. And one of the better news things for the day. So a Dutch etf moved into crypto even though regulators disapproved of it. And this is on CCN here. Um, flow traders is what it’s called, but they actually, they’re the largest you European extreme change exchange traded fund there in the crypto market now.

[05:17] So that is awesome. Even, you know, it’s nice to see these bigger industries moving in, even know regulators are saying they don’t like it, they don’t want you to do that. And then watching these, um, companies say we don’t care. Either make laws saying we can’t or figure out how we can safely because we’re going in. So I think we’re gonna see more and more of that, uh, people are just going to keep pushing until regulators actually do something and until, you know, it’s not outlawed so they can do whatever the hell they want. So good for them. It’s awesome. I like to see that. Hopefully it works out for them. I’m sure they got very smart people doing it, but we shall see. So let’s move into. I was talking about deep brain chain here and I may want it. So I’m actually going to take 100 bucks and I have already actually bought.

[06:14] I’m going to take another hundred bucks and if you guys actually want to do this you can with me or just listen, find out how it goes. But I’m gonna take 100 and uh, put it into. I’m looking at three different ones. So I actually put some money here in the deep brain chain on the 29th of June. I bought in at five 69 Sitoshi. So that’s why I was saying it’s up 15 percent in our, uh, I missed that little run out, but I’m still up 11 percent on my last trade. I think it was like for 70 bucks, something like that. Nothing, nothing too crazy. But uh, I’m probably going to sell that when I get done with this, but I’m going to take another 100 bucks somewhere and I may put it in deep brain chain again. I know how this one moves, I wouldn’t buy in at the 6:34 where it is now and I probably don’t want to sell it right now.

[07:08] I should [inaudible] 11 percent take it whenever, but I might just set a sell order for like 6:50. Uh, the area I’m looking for preferably would be again around the five slash 69 mark. And it looks like. Yeah, I nailed it on the bright buy price on that. That happened on the 29th. So what is that about a week ago? I think you get down to five slash 60 united five slash 69 and that seems to be as low. Yeah, that’s about the lowest it’s been in a long time. In a month. It’s down 39 percent. And I’ve known this coin that when it gets down to like the 5:33, that’s about as low as it goes. Uh, so I just said it five 69 to be safe and I nailed it. So I may usually I’ll sell and then on the way up, little by little and then buy back in and it could go up chartwise the odds are it always goes back up.

[08:08] But if you want to put a buy order in, I would probably look, if you really want to get it, you could put it in at six and it most definitely closed below, you know, if you go to like five 69 to five 79 to me a little bit tougher, but you might get it, uh, depending on what bitcoin does. Um, but yeah, that might be when you want to look into. I’m watching it and probably where I’m going to set my bio order would probably be like five 89, um, since I already have one in five, six years now. Probably set it at five. 80 nine is when I’m looking at another swing trade I’m looking at if I can find it on Delta Power Ledger. So like I said earlier to power ledger in the last month. Oh, that’s why I said yeah, there we go. In the last week it’s up 29 percent on the month it’s down four percent, but in the last week and had a big run of 29 percent.

[09:12] I do not want to. It’s going to consolidate down and it looks like it went up even more. Now it lost about half of it’s run up. Um, it was up to 5,500 and now it’s down to basically 4,000. So I’m actually going to wait. I might look at the buy order and around the 35 if I want to get a following and get aggressive, I’m going to do it around 3000. 3,000 would be ideal. I think that because that’s about in the last three months, 3000 is about as low as it would go. So I’d like that 35 range possibly. I’d really liked the three, but I probably missed that. Um, so that’s the other one I’m looking at. And there’s one more a v chain. No, this one doesn’t, it hasn’t seemed to move as much, like three months. It’s, it’s up. Four percent, month is down 28 percent.

[10:10] So it’s fallen quite a bit here, the week it’s down seven percent, three days, eight percent, and today it’s down six percent. So that might actually, I might actually hop into this one first. I’m on the three month. Yeah, it’s only up four percent on the three months. So we ran all the way up to like 60,000, now it’s down to 38, so I get to 35 and in three months it looks like 35. So I’m probably, and I like Ben and right now I want one that has a high volume and this has $49 million. Um, let’s see what deep brain shane has. Deep brain chain does not have that big a volume 1 million. So envy chain is a much. It’s ranked 18th. Debriefing is 1:22. So I am going to, let’s do a power ledger is here. Power Ledger has 5 million volumes. So I really liked power ledger.

[11:15] Um, power ledger is probably a bit off. I would like to get that 35 I think. Yeah, I’d like to. Power Ledger. I’m not going to move into right now. I’m going to wait on that one. I’m going to watch that one. Put a pin in that one. Put a pin in it. So v chain. I’m actually think I’m going to put a buy order here today. Yes, it’s bouncing back up. Got Thirty eight and it’s bouncing up. I think I’m going to put a buy order for 3,800, maybe 37. Eight 69 because I just liked the way that sounds. That’s probably what I’m going to do. Um, so yeah, I’m going to move into v chain and I’m going to watch A. I just made this decision right now. I’m going to move into v chain around that 3,800 mark. Put One hundred bucks in there and uh, I’m going to watch power ledger and deep brain chain.

[12:07] I’m probably actually, when I get done with this cell, my deep brain chain that I’m up a maybe, maybe let’s look again. No, I was hoping maybe it just jumped 15 percent. So yeah, if you want to follow along a, it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money. Ten, five, 20, but whatever you want to put in 100, like I’m going to do a, it’s not a lot, but you know, little by little you’ll get there. And that’s what I’m planning on doing small small gains. But uh, yeah, I’m going to put a buyer in it like, yeah, 37, eight, 69 I think $3,800. Look a little closer. But bigchain changed. So check that one out. I am going to do use a finance and use bitcoin. That’s, I don’t know, that’s all I just use. So yeah, if you want to follow along and we can make some money together, let’s do it. Uh, on a separate different note. So I was doing some work last night getting um,

[13:05] writing done and podcast a podcast stuff. So anyway, I put on a movie on a Netflix, just kind of in the background anyway. It’s called man versus that’s it man. Versus, and then there’s like a period and the poster or the picture looks creepy as hell. It’s got this, I don’t even know what you’d call it, like a Zombie mummy looking thing and it, it just looks really, it’s kind of a cool picture. It almost looks like it would be if a guy got wrapped in spider webs, um, and then hung there kinda. But, uh, one of the main reasons I watched it is because, uh, the guy who is in it is in. Oh my goodness, I forget his name, I forget what it is. It’s on HBO. Oh, we’ll find it out here. Hbo and they.

[14:07] Oh God, it’s gonna drive me nuts. Now Laney, what is it? Silicone Valley. There it is silicone valley and he’s the guy that this guy likes to f anyway, he, he’s funny. So that’s why I watched it and it was actually, it was a. So this guy just goes out to live. He’s a mixed one. There’s a survival shows and um, he’s out by himself surviving for five days and then this weird stuff happens and you kind of know where it goes. It’s a spoiler alert, you know, I, I really wouldn’t advise watching it. It was okay if you like this guy, you can put it on the background, like to rotten tomatoes has it out of 106 ratings. It’s got 22 percent, but anyway, it really reminds me of um, Predator except not predators. One of my all time favorite movies and this is not, but even like the alien that’s in it looks like Predator and it’s got like the night, the crappy night vision. Like this is ghetto night vision. Like if you were using the first computer ever made and the Predator had like the best night vision disguises all ghetto and the CGI, I would recommend just going like to the last 20 minutes of it and looking at how bad the CGI is. It is just ridiculous. Anyway, that’s it. With that,

[15:31] Laney, what do you plan? Plan roadblocks? My son’s playing grand theft auto of course. But with that, would you kindly hit that subscribe button like button? That’d be awesome. And we’ll talk to you later.

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