Deadcoins, $40 Billion In 2 Days, Coherence (Transcript)


Deadcoins, $40 Billion In 2 Days, Coherence

[00:00] It better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and man, I am tired. I am tired. Tomorrow is the fourth of July. So have a. have a good fourth. Probably won’t do on tomorrow, but man, heat just wore out today. Hope you guys have a good fourth. I don’t know what we’re doing. Probably going to go out on the boat on the water. That’s what we’re thinking. Wouldn’t mind doing some wakeboarding, but I don’t know if I can because my wife can’t bounce around on the boat because her surgery. So we’ll probably just sit there. Go swimming. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at the trading portfolio. Here we are. Moving down again a bit. Son of a bitch. What do you do? What do you do? Point three, eight. So we’re in the point three, nine point four range. Doing all right. A cash value is just a touch under $2,500, so it’s okay.

[00:54] We’re sitting. All right, let’s look. See what the day trend here is and I don’t believe it’s. Nope, nothing good. Humanic up seven percent. Xlr, two percent. The rest is red, which makes sense. Yesterday was a green day, so it Kinda got a correct. Not a. not a bunch of big losses though. So that’s good. The biggest loss is dragon chain at eight point two, five percent. So nothing, nothing too bad. Let’s take a quick look at 30 days and there’s their ag and Shane, look at that son of a bitch. God, dragon chain angry makes me angry. A 30 days down. Fifty three percent. Dragon chains a good one. I don’t, I don’t understand really. You know, but everything’s down. And 52 percent deep brain chain. Forty seven percent on the 30 day. Looks like I should have sold. Yep. Probably should have sold a deep brain chain yesterday at 15 percent because it drops six, but it’ll probably move back up to six 80. I’m thinking tomorrow. So probably sell it then. And uh, just re reset my by order. Got Busy and just didn’t get it done. A Wabi 47 percent lobbies actually up 22 percent in seven days. So good for that. A chain 45 percent. Yeah. 30 Day trend. Everything’s pretty, pretty rough. The lowest one is

[02:25] will be the littlest one’s power chain, 15 percent in 30 days, but in the seven day trend, that thing just jumped up to 46 percent in seven days, so I imagine it’s going to come fall and all the way back down and then and then level off. Let’s check on chain effects here. Bitcoin at 6,400 theory in 459. Not too big. Bitcoin down two percent theory in three point five percent ripples at forty eight cents. That’s not bad. I don’t think I’ll buy anymore. Rip On thinking about it, but I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at top gainers. Whoa. Sis Coin. Jay’s up 48 percent in a day. Wow. According to this, if you’d have bought it three years ago, you’d be up 38,000. Six hundred and five percent. Geez, that’s a big day for Cisco in Forty Eight, Manna? Thirty five percent Dent Goin Dan? No, that’s not district ox.

Dn t that is up 25 percent. What is this district a Wex ox is building a network of marketplaces on top of a theory. I’m using other blockchain native projects such as Aragon and ipfs. Okay. Biggest losers? I do not know what this one is. Send centrality down 14 percent. So that’s the biggest loser. That’s not too bad. And it looks like it’s out three months. And if you’d bought in three months ago, you’d be on 68 percent. So good job if you did not buy that. What is this? Sensuality aims to create a marketplace for blockchain Africa applications. So

[04:10] nothing that one does not look good. Stay away from sensuality. Aims to create a marketplace for blockchain. Blockchain application. Like everything, everything else. I would not do that one. Trading volume, 571,000. So maybe don’t do sensuality. Might be able to get some when everything comes back, uh, when things come back, a lot of these things will go up, but right now I would suggest we get into that here in a second. The other one is raiden network token. That’s down 12 percent. Uh, what I was saying about some of these coins, like sensuality, I don’t know, I’ve never looked into this. I’ve never heard of it. There’s too many to keep track of right now, but just just the, what it’s doing, it’s not very specific. So that doesn’t. And this is just what on chain fx is. Maybe it’s a great coin. I don’t know, but just glancing at it right now doesn’t give me high hopes.

[05:11] You got to be careful right now because things are going to start dying. There’s gonna be some dead coins coming out and uh, well not dead coins aren’t going to come out, but uh, there’s going to be coins that start to fail and they’re going to go away and never come back again. So you want to, you want to be careful. Like that kind of happened with one of mine got delisted on Bittrex, so you want to be careful and there’s actually a website called dead that has a listing of coins that are done or turned out to be scams. And it’s. I’d never actually looked at it before. I’m looking at it right now. I’m Kyc legal scam, pond coin, deceased Karma coin, deceased. So this is kind of a cool. Cool. Let’s see if [inaudible] on here. Let’s look, it’s not going well.

[06:09] Come on. This would have been funny. Watch it. Oops. There it goes. Okay. Heads up if you use this kind of kind of slow kind of uh, nope. Do not see it on here. So that’s positive. Chan coin deceased. So check this out. Dead I’m going to kind of go through it. I’m going to look through and see if any minor on here. Um, but let’s see if a GCR is on here, that’d be a good one to look. I actually sold out of that. So yeah. Good for me. Bad for me because I took like 40 percent loss but it got out of it. Gnr Grx GC, er. Nope. So that’s still a real deal. Oh No, jr. Okay. Gay cOin, deceased goat deceased. God coin deceased. I actually looked at god coin, I believe that had um, a master node, so just it had really good return but the returns are pretty high so it looked pretty sketchy.

[07:20] But anyway, check out dead and be on the lookout. You Got to be watching because the market itself is going to start consolidating and you don’t want to be stuCk holding coins that are going to be completely worthless. There’s no. So if you can get, if you think yours is going to die, get out of it. Take whatever you can. I’m, I’m actually looking at can you coin right now which is not doing so well and I’m almost thinking about. I’m like 94 percent down and I’m thinking about just getting out of it, taking what I can, but there’s also that other side that thinks baby, if I just hold on a little bit longer, you can get a little bit more back. But with like one of those like can you coin for example, if I can get like 80 percent loss, get back to their.

[08:06] I’ll sell. If I can get maybe a little bit more, like an 80 percent, I’ll probably start selling a little bit off here and there. Just try and Get something out of it in case it does die. But uh, yeah. Take a look at this. Take a look at your portfolio and you always got to be watching right now to see if, if any of them that are just going to go away. Um, so with that positive note, I guess can look at this. And over the last two days, 40 million a, the market has jumped 40 billion, sorry, 40 billion with a b in two days. So that is, that is really, really good. Uh, the total js, sometimes computers. I’ll tell you what. so the total current market cap is 251 billion. So that’s pretty good. We’re movIng on up bitcoin dominance at 44 percent, but yeah, over the last two days.

Forty billion. That’s awesome. A bitcoin ether xrp according to ccn had record days. Uh, I’m just not a big ripple fan, but a lot of stuff had big days yesterday. It should 48 or $40 billion coming into the market. Things things are going to jump up. And that kinda Got me looking at. I had been thinking about dive about consolidating some of my things, sellIng some losses and consolidating down, but then watching and looking, you know what, something’s jumped 15 to 30 percent, which is crazy and it doesn’t. Once money starts coming back in and the market comes back, you know, it’s not gonna take long to recover a 60 percent loss. I think right now I’m just going to sit and be patient, not do any rational moves. I looked at my portfolio and for the most part, most of these coins I’m pretty happy and feel confident in Kenya coins.

[10:11] The one I’m not confident in at all. But whatever cya coin it, it’s looking to do some good things. Every solaris. I don’t that one doing some good stuff. I don’t know how it can be profitable with no, uh, no fees at all. But you know, v chain ardour or sorry nano is the one with no fees, civic strat, icon, z coin, you know, all these I like and I think they’re going to be good. So I’m right now. I’m just looking at just sitting and waiting for now. Um, and we’ll just kinda see what happens because it’s very easily and quickly can come back. Uh, one saw mall note that’s kinda cool. That just came up brazilian football team in partnership with crypto startup in new movie. So that’s kinda cool. A brazilian football, soccer, I should say it’s soccer and in the us, but whatever, that’s good.

[11:16] You know, anything that gets positive stuff out about cryptocurrency is a really good thing. So, you know, maybe people start looking at me like, oh, what’s this? And check it out and maybe buy a little bit. Um, it looks like, you know, they have said that they are warning people. It’s in its infancy and to be careful, but it’s pretty cool. Um, wow. After 12 month grace period, um, the club and the company are set, start using crypto currency in to pay for salaries and other expenses. So that’s pretty neat. Uh, there’s just all sorts of different ways and once these people start using or looking into cryptocurrency and using it, there’s so many different things that can be done. So this is an interesting way. I didn’t realize that they were doing that, so that’s pretty cool. Um, pay for salaries and that could work out well for the people getting paid and say, well, I’d like to get paid in bitcoin right now.

[12:19] It’s going to double, I’m going to be making more money. Um, but yeah, that’s very, very cool. um, there’s people out there using an apparently as an investment for personal savings, which I am as well. I’m good on these guys. I like to see news like this, that someone is using it in a different way and getting something positive out there with that, uh, watched a movie, I’d actually forgotten about it. Well, I found it and then what’s was going to watch it last night and I started it while I was doing some work and I had already seen it, so that kinda sucked. But I’d forgotten about it. so I just watched it anyway. And it’s really, really pretty good. It’s called coherence and I recommend checking it out. It’s a, it’s kind of a low budget one, but it’s well acted, well done and it is a mind f it’s going to mess with your head.

[13:25] so the first time I saw it I remember thinking, oh my god, I had to look stuff up, check it out. And the second time I watched like caught much more so because I was ready for it. So I would just go in blind. Really, if you like movies that are going to kind of mess with your head, check it out, it’s short. All of a sudden things are going to happen, you’re not going to catch it. And then afterwards you’re going to be like, oh my god, that was pretty sweet. So yeah, coherence came out in 2014. So it’s on amazon prime right now for free. I recommend it. I think you’ll enjoy it. So 88 percent on rotten tomatoes audience score of 80 percent. Wow. Audience score of 80 percent, uh, with 7,333 rating. So there you go. Good movie. Some positive news for the crypto market. Check out dead See if any of them will coins you have on there, on there and with that, have a good fourth and hope everything goes well. Be safe out there and would you kindly hit that subscribe button, like button whatever helps me out. Recommend this to people you know that want to get information and with that I will talk to you later.

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