Bancor Hacked, Tezos, Trades, Mohawk (Transcript)


Bancor Hacked, Tezos, Trades, Mohawk

[00:00] Welcome to get better at my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and today is July 10th, Tuesday and it was hot as hell outside today. Ugh. Miserable. We Got Liam watching a movie here in the background. You might be able to see. I can’t really turn because my neck hurts and I don’t really know what I did. Awesome. Good Times. Take a quick look at the trading portfolio and it is down a 2100, 2100 75,000, 275. So awesome. Great. Slowly moving down. What really sucks is it’s a point three, six bitcoin. It was actually up to point three, nine Bitcoin, I believe yesterday or the day before and it’s fallen. Main reason is the bitcoin price, which is at 6,398 fell a couple hundred bucks today, but we’ll take a look at that later. A 24 hour trend. Almost everything is going to be down a humanics biggest loser on a trading portfolio.

Thirteen percent followed by Celeris than Wabi at 10. Those are the biggest and the 24 hour. Let’s look at the lowest is omg. At two point four, strat three point three, but everything is down today because bitcoin fell. Here’s what it is. Uh, so basically between two point four and 13 point one percent is where everything is at on that. So yeah, whatever a bitcoin zero in on this, on, on chain effects, it’s 6,367. It is down four point two, nine percent. And that is where the trouble lies. Once that goes down, pretty much everything follows, just seems to be the way it goes. You theory, I’m even down for 38. It’s down six point four percent. Uh, so yeah, that’s moving down again, ripple down. Four percent. Think almost big. Going diamond up. Six percent. Good for bitcoin diamond there. Did you bite up point? Oh eight, nothing cuco in shares up four percent.

[02:09] Couldn’t. Chairs had been doing pretty good here lately. Uh, that’s it. $3 price. But it looks like there’s only four of them on chain of x. only for our positive. So yeah, top gainers. Bitcoin diamond is six percent. Coo coin shares four percent. Bat Point six, six. Did you bite point. Oh eight. That is it biggest losers though. Sixteen percent is cortex cortex. What is this? Okay. According to on chain effects, cortex stakes that its main mission is to provide the state of the art machine learning models on the blockchain and which users can infer using smart contracts and the cortex. Blockchain. I feel like I read that before, uh, after that Manna. Fifteen percent, 14 percent. I almost bought for awhile back, but I never did pull the trigger arc down 12 percent. I bought into arc a long time ago. Not even sure what the price was when I bought.

[03:10] I haven’t looked for awhile. That’s my longterm portfolio and I just Kinda, I’m actually converting that over to Delta. Slowly but surely the Apis work pretty well but I just want to make sure everything’s correct and it’s just kind of time consuming. So that’s kind of where the market stands down. Day. Bitcoin, diamonds moving up though at 45 percent. So that’s a good sign. Nothing too crazy. But uh, was like a 41 and 42 and usually means that way people are moving their money into bitcoin and hopefully that consolidates, especially with the price down. Again, it’s been down quite a bit. Um,

[03:53] if people moving money in there, that is kind of one of the things I have been thinking about is uh, actually selling some of my coins. I’ve done it for one of them. I’m thinking about doing it for a couple of other ones that are down. Um, maybe 50 percent, maybe a touch more, somewhere around there. Some of them that I don’t really believe in is hard, so I may sell them and then move them into bitcoin because I have no doubt that bitcoin is going to pop back up. Uh, so I could use bitcoin to recover some of my losses. And then once bitcoin recovers, move back into some of the coins that I do like a, I have been playing with that idea. I have done that for one of mine. So it’s something to think about that point of voice just crack.

[04:42] They’re a little bit something. Something to think about that, you know, if there’s a coin you don’t really like, it’s losing, maybe sell it, take the loss and move it into Bitcoin, let bitcoin recover it for you. You gotta do the math yourself. See, see what it’s at. But um, yeah, I’m kinda thinking about doing it. So also talking about bitcoin right now on antuna effects, kind of interesting. So for a week it’s down three percent, month, six percent, three months, 13 percent, but on a year stuff, 134 percent. So not bad. Five years it’s up 7,000, 135 percent. So if I’d have bought it, bought bitcoin when I first heard about it, which was, well not five years was about what, 2011 ish? Um, I probably wouldn’t be doing this right now. I’d probably just sitting on a beach be pretty awesome. But anyway, so

[05:36] bitcoin usually in the past has done very well in quarter two. And so people were looking at this as like, oh, okay, we’re coming into second quarter should see a pump. Um, same thing happens when the consensus happens. The convention, usually there’s a pump in price, well the didn’t happen and this is actually the worst second quarter in seven years for bitcoin. So a lot of people look to the past to try and see what’s going to happen in the future. And right now it’s kind of off off on its own. It’s doing its own thing. It’s, I find it a little tougher with this stuff. One, it’s so volatile, it’s really hard to read, but it’s young. There isn’t that. It’s still making it, making its own history, you know, no one’s ever seen really much like this clothes thing you could probably get to is the Internet when the Internet bubble came.

[06:32] Um, maybe maybe gold back in the day when the gold rush happened. But right now it’s, it’s very young. It’s charting its own history. So every, anything you look back at, you still got to kind of see how the day to day is going. You can’t just rely on the past. Um, so with that, let’s go to a couple other things. Why market may have moved down. There was another hack. All Right, Jorge, right? Man, Ray Bancor tact for 23 point 5 million. Um, but what’s interesting with this is a, they are actually asking the community and exchanges to help them for their, the ether etherium was stolen and being t so bmt they were able to, they put it in the smart contract. They’re able to freeze them. Uh, so the person who stole them, hack them can’t liquidate it into cash so further anything else and they want help from the exchanges and you know, anyone who can look and find it, help them recover this or get this back and it’s a very valid point.

[07:49] Something that could, they could do a, the community for crypto in general. It’s fairly small considering the size and scope of the world. It’s still a very small community. Very should be close knit. You know, there’s always bad people everywhere, but hopefully, you know, it’d be good to get the community. I will see what happens. Get the people in Crypto to get who are able to find this stuff out, get them together and track it and get there. Get the money back. Maybe that will prevent hackers from trying to do it in the future. I don’t know. We’ll see how it plays out, but another hack. So it just goes to show you got to be super, super careful. Um, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do either. But be careful. Another thing tesla came out says those is interesting. Um, it had just a huge, one of the largest ICO is a, from what I’ve found out, which I didn’t know it. It also took a humongous drop when it came out about 70 percent of

[09:04] where, where it came to jobs 70 percent. So that’s a massive, massive fall. Yeah. Here it raised $232 million in record breaking ICO a year ago. And then since then they locked up the fund so people were not able to get their money out. Um, so that’s a good reason. You know, if you went in what a year ago, if you am, was probably what, 200 bucks. So if you, if you put it in there, couldn’t get at it. So you put a 20, 15, 10, whatever, ether in there, couldn’t get at it, you doubled your money. So yeah, people just on Ethereum, people probably just sold out. Got It, got it, got their money back, you know, if it’s locked up for a year, I probably would have done the same thing. Uh, but that kind of got me looking. So this is basically a platform. Um, but one thing right now it is valued at, and I had it up here, I believe it’s $2 and thirty cents.

[10:02] Yep. So if we look at other coins similar to Tesla, Tesla. So I’m just going to say like that, uh, like etherium, that’s it. Value. It’s priced at $438 in Ios right now. Well it was way higher but right now ios is at $7 and twenty five cents. Neo, that’s it. Thirty $3 and ninety three cents. So you know, looking at similar ones might, might be undervalued right now, might be a good move. Um, I hadn’t started looking at this to a couple of days ago and on July fifth it was actually like a dollar 32. Yeah, dollar 32. So if you’d have bought in July fifth and 32, it’s already up a dollar for you so that, that would be been an awesome return. Looks like it could still be going up. It just came out a little over a week ago so people may still be finding out about it. I

[11:05] was thinking about moving into it. I still would like to almost just put a buy in, you know, maybe around two to dollar 70, something like that. And then just forget about it by some and forget about it for awhile and let the market come back. But I’ve Kinda decided I’ve enough enough coins on another one. I really, really want that. I need to consolidate if anything other than, you know, I don’t need to get any more and need to consolidate down first. So anyway, take a look at that might be something you want to move into. Go over here to a couple of swing trades that have got going on deep brain, Shane, that in the last time I was, I bought in at five 69, sold at like 15 percent profit. Then I put another buyer in at five 79 and that closed in the lowest I’ve ever bought.

[12:01] Deep brand shoes, like five, 23, something like that. And it actually was down to about 5:15 today. I, it may not have gotten that far if bitcoin hadn’t fallen like it did, but it was perfect timing and you know, I wish I’d waited a little longer, but I got the buy price at wanted. Azar. This is going to come back. Deep branching always comes back so I would have been nice to get a little bit lower, but I’ll take what I got and just wait it out. So if you’re also looking for another one, deep brain, Shane, this is not financial advice, but the brain, shane would probably be a good, good trade for you. You can get probably really easy return out. Assume I’ll knock on wood, right? Just I just, I jinxed it. Jake’s did, but anyway, check that out. Deep branch chains pretty low right now. Uh, I’ve had really good luck with that one and it’s a pretty solid coin so I’m not really too worried about it. Even if I get stuck with it for a bit. A loon network, here we go. So loon network, if I would not, I sold my son my loom out of seven percent loss. If I had not done that I’d be down 30 percent. So it’s down 30 percent from where I bought last time. So minus seven. I have been down 23 percent roughly. So I say I saved myself 23 percent so that’s pretty good. And I actually have a buyer order in for that at, I forget. 30, 69 and I believe it closed today. Delta just hasn’t updated yet. So because it was down just above

[13:34] 3000 so it may not have closed but is really close. I’m thinking it didn’t, this just didn’t update. Hopefully other than that I will still leave it. Uh, I actually thought about moving it a little lower, but I think I’m just gonna leave it be at three. That’s where I learned to not second guess myself. If I found a by price, I found it for a reason. So I’m just going to leave that a go over here to another one. V chain shade. That was, I was up two point five or three percent and that’s actually taken a bigger dive that was below 3,500 and it’s since dre jumped up to, or 35,000. It was below. It’s jumped up to 35,318. So yeah, uh, I am down five percent. I would with my, the, my stop loss. I had been thinking I would usually sell that out right now, but they do have a wonder one or what is it?

[14:39] One to 100 I believe swap coming up, uh, at the end of July. So I’m thinking there could pop, you know, and stuff like that happens. There’s usually a run on that coin. So I’m Kinda just holding onto that to see what happens here at the end of the month. Um, yeah, and I also need to stake that Stigma v chain here. Uh, so I can get thor as well. So if you do have been the chain, look at stake in it so you can get thor. I just have not done that yet because one, I’m a bit lazy sometimes and I forget and yeah, it’s just one of those things you just keep putting it off. So check that out. A couple of trades that got going on there. Um, yeah, so that, that’s kind of the crypto stuff for now. Uh, the other thing I watched Mohawk on Netflix last night the other night and the reason I kind of did is the reviews are actually pretty solid, like on rotten tomatoes at 30, 32 reviews.

[15:47] It’s 84 percent. Roger Ebert gave it three out of four, but I like the director did we are still here and that’s a pretty solid little horror movie kind of comedy horror movie if you want one of those. We are still here. It’s worth checking out. Um, so it was, I liked that I’ll check out Mohawk and it was awful. So bad. So bad I wanted to like it. I really did. Uh, had, you know, it was back in the war of 18, 12 revolutionary war I really, really wanted, like it started off somewhat solid and then it just, ugh. So bad. Just got written Dick keyless. So one point she lived. Yeah. Audience score out of 138 audience reviews. Thirty five percent. Thank you. God. They nailed it. I wouldn’t even give it that at one point. She gets shot in the chest, like right, right in the right. And the triangle where you’re dead, like you’re dead and it’s just fucking ring. Whoops. It’s just right there. Right now we’re reading where your heart’s going to be and she doesn’t die. I’m at get it. It’s a movie. It’s just somewhat of a horror movie. But come on and like she gets up and doesn’t like, doesn’t even dress it. Like it didn’t even happen.

[17:13] I Wa, I get horror movies. I watched a ton of movies. I can suspend belief with the best of them but not there and that I get. It’s a low budget movie, but it’s like her skirt lit. It really looks like you went to like Tj maxx and picked out a red skirt for five bucks. It didn’t even look worn. I looked. Brand new is so bright, whatever. I feel bad, you know, good. Good on them for making a movie and it’s ridiculously hard. So I hate disparage and just skip it. Oh, a quiet place though on Blu ray today, but that’s a good one. Watch that. I took my daughter. She was, she’s 11. I took her to it, trying to get her into horror movies. Anyway, that’s all I got. That’s, that’s it. With that, would you kindly hit that subscribe button? Light Button? If you could. That would be awesome. Liam, do you have anything to add? Ma’Am? You got anything to add? Anything you want to say? He hates me. Love you too, buddy. Love you buddy. I love you too. All right. With that, we will talk to you later. I’m going to go take my kid out.

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