Loom Network Made Me Think Of 5 Ways I Need To Change


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What I am going to do different.

  1. Spend time looking at new coins coming out. Innovation is still happening even in this market.
  2. Change my mindset of the market being down and look for opportunity.
  3. Do a better job researching.
  4. Visit the sites I used to more often like Reddit, Medium, Coinmarketcap, ect.
  5. View things like I am just getting started with crypto again.

By doing these things I hope to start spotting opportunities earlier and having the chance to get into them early.

So what made me do these 5 things.

With the market going down many people have stopped paying attention. Others still watch but not as close as if the market was going up. I am guilty of that myself by not looking for new opportunities.

I need to pay attention like I did when I just got into crypto.

Everything was new to me when I got into this. I didn’t know any alt coins or what the prices were. I was like a kid in a candy store, looking at everything with fresh eyes. Everything was an opportunity.

Now I know that the market is down, I have seen my investments fall, I stopped seeing some opportunities that were there. But there are still opportunities out there if I keep paying attention.

Loom Network is a perfect example of why I need to keep paying attention.

Loom came out March 14th and did not do an ICO. It seems to have solved the Ethereum scaling issue. Since it has come out the price has risen from 7 cents to a high of almost 65 cents. More about Loom here.

That is an amazing profit if you got in right away.

I did not know about Loom until about a week ago. If I had been paying closer attention would I have gotten in at the beginning?

Maybe, maybe not.

I do know that I would have known about it sooner than a week ago though. I would of at least had the opportunity to get in on the run up.

Being early usually gives you a good chance for profit.

For your viewing pleasure…..

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