$7500 to $50k Part 7


Friend of mine said these were boring to read and my personality was not there. I had to agree with him. So get ready for a whole lotta me in your face.

Your minds are obviously in the gutter, gross.

Portfolio is up to $13,900. F**k that is crazy.

It has not been easy. I have been up late at night reading about coins, reading news, and watching charts. Also making my wife a little upset.

Lyndsey- Get off your damn phone!!!!

Me- I can’t. I am making money.

Lyndsey- Whatever, get off your phone!!!

Me- I just made us $400.

Lyndsey- Fine. Make money then get off your phone!!!

To be honest, I am getting a little burnt out. I have been doing more day trades and you have to watch the prices constantly. It can all get a little fu**ing stressful.

It has definitely been worth it but no way in hell can I keep this up forever. Need to manage my time better. Maybe instead of doing day trades, look at staying in trades longer.

Also, I fu**king hate math. It seems like I am constantly doing it right now though. Looking at percentages, exchange rates, stupid damn losses. God, I hate math.

I really enjoy doing this though. Can’t you tell that from the paragraphs before this?

For quite a while I have been trying to find a better way to spend my free time. Usually I watch a movie or play video games. It just didn’t seem productive to me.

Investing in crypto definitely seems productive. 

Now for the investments-

Solaris- wanted a 10-15% return but took a 7%. It then dipped, so I bought back in.

Waves- Hasn’t done sh*t.

Funfair- Bought into this on a recommendation. After a couple hours I didn’t feel good about it so I sold at a 5% profit.

Cindicator- Bought into cindicator. I think this is going to be a good investment.


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