Dear Cryptocurrency Investors Article, Revenge Movie (Transcript)


Dear Cryptocurrency Investors Article, Revenge Movie

[00:00] Who bit better have my money? I am Mitchell Stulken on a Thursday today. That’s awesome. Didn’t really even notice. I thought it was Wednesday. Oh, thank God. What a, what a long, long week. Hot, miserable. Yesterday was a rough day. Rough Day a. let’s take a quick look at the trading portfolio. Moving on down again. I believe this is the lowest we have been. So 2000, 158. Uh, but the more more concerning sign point three, five bitcoins. So that’s down like point. Oh, one for two days I believe. Uh, but there’s kind of a reason why there’s always seems to be. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at the 24 hour trend here on my coins. And humanic biggest loser at 10 percent down 28 percent in a week. Icon down 10 percent and 22 percent in a week. Power ledger down nine percent. Which doesn’t surprise me watching this one power ledger went on it like the 30 day trend.

[01:13] It’s probably one of the only few ones that’s up. It’s up nine percent in 30 days. It went on a huge run up and it’s kind of still up from that. It seems when it gets around a 4,000 BTC it fall or it jumps up again. So I’m actually, I am that for maybe a possible swing trade. I really liked power ledger. I own more than what’s in my trading portfolio. Um, I’ve, I’ve got it right when it came out, I couldn’t get into the ICO. So I bought into power lush. I really liked power ledger. Maybe I’ll actually think tomorrow, maybe I’ll actually go in and power ledger and talk about it a little bit more. Basically people can use it. So if you live in an apartment, that apartment building and it uses solar power, and I think I talked about this before, but anyway, uh, living in an apartment building that uses solar power and you’re gone throughout the day at work and then you got another guy who’s just sitting on his ass all day with the AC, cranked up, playing video games, has got music, electricity, everything going.

[02:26] He uses more electricity than you do. So what you can do is sell him your excess energy with power ledger. So instead of you having to pay the same amount as this guy, you can actually make money off the accent or excess energy that you have leftover. It’s pretty cool. It’s actually up and running in Australia and Perth, I believe. Perth. Maybe one other place. I’m solaris up four percent in our. Let’s. What’s the lowest one? Dragon chain down. Two point two. Four percent today. But it’s actually look out. It’s up point four. Five percent in an hour. Yeah. Wings. Three point four. Six percent down. Is anything up? I doubt it. And let’s check. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Ugh. So nothing. Didn’t I just say power ledger? Where did that one go? Something’s got to be.

[03:31] I don’t know. Can’t find it. Nope. So there is nothing up in the 24 hour or seven day trend. Yep. I feel you. I feel. Yeah, it is. It is what it is. There’s only one, two, three, four, five, five coins up for the day. Uh, nothing too. Great. Check on chain. Fx and bitcoin fell again. So there you go. That’s one of the reasons for what’s going on a bitcoin at 6,000, 132 down, three point seven, eight percent theory him down. You hear him tick away. Bigger fall theory. M is down, four point seven, four percent sitting at $422. I wish my fricking money. It’s one thing I hate. I use a Gi docs and there’s no no fees. Wallets, coinbase pro now. But to do a to get cash in there. Like I don’t want to pay coinbase their stupid ass fees because it’s expensive. I only do that when I have to. Like when I want to make an immediate purchase. Other than that I do bank transfer, wire transfer would be faster, but I don’t want to pay that fee either. So I just do a bank transfer from bank account, but it takes seven to 10 days on Gdx, which is ridiculous. So like right now I would be scooping that up so bitcoin and ethereum just scooping it right in my face, but I can’t because my money is in limbo.

[05:06] It should be there. I’m, whoa. I can’t even remember when I started it today or tomorrow, so good note that you could do that. I used to do is uh, like every couple of days do like a bank thing to Gi docs do, like 20, 30, 10, whatever. That way you have money continuously run it a coming in. Anyway, I used to do that when, when I first got started. Now I don’t, I only buy like on Wednesdays are when the prices are low for the most part. Um, and I buy every Wednesday, but like right now, even though it’s Thursday, I would buy more. But anyway, that’s a different note. It looks like almost everything is down a top gainers for the day. KMD Komodo, what is Komodo? Initially launched as a crypto as a currency platform, currency slash pat form as a fork of z cash, but has rebranded as a decentralized ICO platform.

[06:14] I don’t like that at all. That makes me super nervous. So you initially do something and then rebrand, so you obviously didn’t have a very good idea of what the hell you’re going to try and do to begin with. I don’t, I’ve never looked. This is the first I’ve heard of Comodo, but just reading this makes me nervous. Then you better have an idea of what you’re going to do before you start. It looks like it’s been around for awhile, a over the year. It’s up 58 percent, so that’s a one point seven. Four percent good for them though. Obviously people are buying, maybe it doesn’t really work well. Ces coin up one point five percent and basic attention token

[06:55] naughty up three, four percent. So that shit, that’s it. That’s the only three on on Shane Effects Rough Day. But did it bit coin diamond top loser. What? I swear to God last time didn’t I? Bitcoin dot diamond will be like the biggest loser and then tomorrow it’ll probably be the biggest gainer it seems to drop like 15 percent jump. Ten, 15 percent. So I gs in three months it’s up 441 percent. That’s insane. It’s only seven months old, but yeah. Wow. Three months would be up 441 percent. That’s weird considering everything else probably down, but that’s down 15 percent. Last six months, it’s down 15 percent. How is that possible? Mostly? Yeah. Whatever. Yeah, right there. It went on a huge jump. So is that like a April 20 note? May Seventh. It was at $4 and eighty eight cents. And then May 9th it jumped up to $28. Ninety one cents. Holy Cow. That would’ve been a good one to beyond. Wow. Uh, but it is still, the all time high was $59. Forty four cents. So it’s still 75 percent down from its all time high. 14 dollars and 86? Um, yeah, I calmed down 11 percent. Nas 12 nebulous. There we go down to a percent. So that’s Kinda going look at this dog. Uh, so that’s Kinda what’s going on there on something different now. So my friend actually sent me this article. It’s on medium. I will put a link to it in

[08:44] the notes, but this Guy Chris

[08:50] do fit d, d o u, t h I t do hit do with it whatever. He uh, according to medium CEO analysts, crypto investing and option strategies So anyway, he has an article that just came out yesterday, it looks like. Anyway, my friend sent it to me and the title is dear cryptocurrency investors. They’re trying to trick you now. At first is like, what is going on? It’s a very deceptive title. I, the way I took it as was like he’s making fun like we’re us as cryptocurrency investors are making a mistake, but I read the article and that’s not the case. He’s actually telling us that it’s a good thing. Just a very deceptive title. Um, I almost want to send him because I almost didn’t read it simply because of that. I was like, I don’t want to be told I’m wrong anymore.

[09:51] I get that enough. I don’t want to. I don’t want to do a five minute read telling me I’m wrong so I can just hop onto like twitter or some people on facebook and see how they tell me I’m wrong. But we found out in the find out in the long wrong, long run can’t talk. So this guy made some very, very good points. Um, and actually the points he gets into it are the things I’ve been saying for a long, long time. Uh, he just did a very, very good job with this article and it’s, it’s always nice to see other people say what you were saying, but in a different way so that way. I mean, it makes me feel justified like I’m on the right track. I know it, it just gives me more confirmation and hopefully you guys as well. So you’re listening.

[10:45] We’re on the right path. So basically what I’ve been saying is crypto, it’s not going anywhere. Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere. The big money, big investors, um, you know, the Goldman Sachs, the billionaires, millionaires, whatever, they know about this, they have power, they have influence and maybe they were late to the crypto and when they saw that all of a sudden, oh my God, it’s a 20 grand, we really got to start paying attention to me. Honestly, there are people as well who didn’t. All of a sudden it’s like, it’s just running up like never before. If everyone started paying attention and then it got traction. The governments are looking at it, these people and these people, it sounds like I’m talking bad about them. I’m not there. They’re just very successful, very powerful, have tons of money and people like that. They are not, they are not going to lose money that this is just not what they do.

[11:47] They didn’t become billionaires, multimillionaires, own all this stuff by losing money, they’re just not, not going to do it. And I, I believe one thing that possibly do and is, you know, they have enough money to manipulate the market. So no way were they going to buy a 20 grand. They want to get the price back down somewhere where they want to buy and then just slowly keep buying, accumulate, accumulate, keep that price, really want, keep accumulating. Once they get as much as they want, they don’t care. Let it go back up. And Oh my God, there they go. They made even more money. So what this guy did and was super brilliant. This uh, Chris does Chris who wrote the article, he actually equated it to something that I didn’t know I found super interesting. So according to the, to this, there’s a guy named George hearst and he owned three of the highest producing mining operations in American history.

[12:51] That’s according to, and I had never heard of this guy I should have, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. So the way he came about these apparently is he used a ton of stuff you would intimidate, manipulate, trick people, and a core, apparently one of his better tactics, he would buy local newspapers and then print fake news like, like the government’s going to come sees your gold. Gold is not gonna be anything that would disparage gold, make people scared and then want to sell their gold mines or claims with gold on it. And then he would come in George Hurst and pick them up, pennies on dollar and it worked for him. Uh, the people would think that the government’s gonna come in and they are going to take my land. I’m not going to get anything. Let me just get something for it.

[13:45] This guy will buy it and he can worry about it. So why I find this odd that I have never heard of this, and maybe I didn’t just forgot, but there is the homestake mine in South Dakota. I’m from South Dakota, I have been to the homestake mine. I drive by it a lot. Um, and this, and I also didn’t know this. It is the highest producing gold mine in American history. It produced 43 million, 900,000 ounces of gold, which is basically worth $55, million dollars now. Uh, and that is how he got the homestake mine through false rumors, things like that. Fake News. That is what I believe is somewhat happening. And this guy believes the same thing. He just goes into how, you know, people are saying the government’s going to come in. They’re never gonna let cryptocurrency happen. They’re not going to do it. They’re going to take it away.

[14:46] It’s going to become worthless. And you’re gonna lose all your money. That is so not true. It’s not. That is not true. Uh, he goes through and lists off all these things. So let me get, there we go. So these are some of the things that, you know, I didn’t even know about. Some of them, they’re quiet, they’re not like the things being put out and some of these really, really rich people they made, they made, they have influenced in the media, they could eat, some of them probably even own some of the media and cause like conspiracy theory podcast right now. But anyway, some of the things we don’t hear about because the news never puts out positive stuff really. So he’s got some really good things listed. Um, Bloomberg launched the Galaxy Galaxy Crypto index fund. So that’s awesome. Bloomberg, that’s a big deal.

[15:45] Facebook added a senior director of engineering to. It’s blockchain team. Coinbase launches the custodial service for large institutional investors where the minimum buy in is $10,000,000. So that’s not messing around right there. I mean that’s a ton of money. A Goldman Sachs is going to have a trading desk for cryptocurrency. I mean that’s a big one as well. That’s a big company. And they’re going to have, they’re going to trade crypto currencies. I mean, how, how do you, how is that not going to be legit? It’s not going to go away if these people are doing it. George Soros, a billionaire investor is buying up cryptocurrency. I don’t know who this guy is, but Anderson Horowitz puts $300, million to work in a cryptocurrency fund at the Rockefeller family. A venture capital firm is said to be getting in cryptocurrencies, and I can’t say this word, but sus Kana is treating millions of dollars of bitcoin for its wealthy clients.

[16:45] So there you go to the rockefellers. They obviously know what they’re doing, so don’t, don’t pay attention, don’t fall for the rope a dope and get took. Don’t all of a sudden get too scared and sell all the crypto that you have at a such a low price, taking a loss and then a year, two years down the later and I was just, I was showing you my portfolio. I’m getting my ass kicked bad, but I don’t care. I don’t care. I mean I do care. It does suck, but it’s not going to matter in the long term. Maybe not. All of these are going to be legit. I highly, highly doubt most of these are going to be around. That’s why I’m going to pay attention and consolidate down when I can, like I did with GCR, but some of them will be. I’m going to keep accumulating Bitcoin, etherium some light coin, kate paying attention and that because been around for so long in the future, I’d been around hopefully for so long that I will be able to see what’s happening and just follow it and keep building wealth, building wealth.

[18:00] Uh, so that, that’s it. I guess I can get off my high horse there, but yeah, don’t, don’t get discouraged. It’s, it’s tough right now. It is, it’s um, it’s just not fun. You know, it’s never fun to lose money, but like what I’m doing, I’m doing this for you guys in myself. I get a lot from this. I get to talk to you, uh, to myself and think some of these things out. And it also lets us know we’re not alone in this. I mean, it does suck right now. Things are tough. It’s not fun losing money, but you just got to keep learning, keep paying attention, and you’ll come across stuff like this. Like this is a great article. It really, really is. He did a great job. I hope more people read it on medium. He’s only got 661 clap, but it’s only been out for a day.

[18:56] So I’m going to send this out to everywhere I know, but on a different note, I watched the movie revenge, revenge. Um, last night. Let me bring it up and it’s, I just came out recently and it’s not really. This girl goes out with her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s friends show up and I mean, you can Kinda, some things happen and they basically leave her for dead and. Okay, I’m with Ya. It, she’s, she’s got a nice. But they show her but constantly. So I mean it’s, it’s, you’ll see it a. yeah, it came out May 11th, 2000. It’s got 92 percent on rotten tomatoes. That blows my mind, uh, from the critics. 80 out of 88 reviews, audience scores at a 1200, it’s at 60 percent. That would probably be, I’d give it a 55, five point five. Good. But not great. It was okay. Uh, some things, again, like it’s bay, it’s not over the top. It’s kind of based in our reality and some things happen that it’s like, that can’t happen. That’s just ridiculous and I get it to movie, but you got to put me in that world to where this can happen. Otherwise I just, I’m not, I’m not going to be with you. Uh, the other part that,

[20:36] and I’m trying to figure out me, I don’t even know if I want to go there, but um,

[20:43] trying to figure out. I don’t even. Yeah. So it’s very. And I have two daughters so hang with me there. But the stuff that happens to her, I don’t, I don’t like obviously, but it goes and it basically shows that men are idiots who we are sometimes don’t get me wrong, but some of the stuff these guys do, they’re just stupid. And uh, and I was fine with that, but then it just really started doing some stuff about, uh, I just didn’t like the dialogue about it. Um, yeah, here, this is on the critics consensus, this is what it’s so revenge slices and dices gender tropes working within an exploitation framework while adding a timely yet nevertheless, visceral, thrilling feminist spin. So there was, that’s, that’s the word I was looking for. I didn’t know if he’d given me a ton of trouble. It’s definitely got a big time feminist spin on it, which I don’t care, whatever, but I also don’t want, I don’t like having an agenda is shoved in my face.

[21:57] Like you can make your movie and not just shove it down my face, but there’s times in the movie where it was brought so heavily onto that. It just takes you out of the movie where you just, where you’re just sitting there. Like, I didn’t know, I was watching a political thing right now. I came to be entertained and I feel like I’m, I felt like I felt bad almost being a man watching it. That’s probably the best way I could sum it up is I felt I felt bad for being a man. Um, so people seem to like it. It was good enough. Some other stuck good acting. I thought it was very pretty movie as well. Well, well done on that, but uh, yeah, I’d skip it if I were you. There’s better out there if you do watch it, go into it with uh, some weird things are gonna happen and yeah. Um, that’s all I got. Go read that article. If you get a chance, I summed it up for you, but it was a very good article and with that would you kindly hit that subscribe button like button please helps me out a ton. A ton. And with that I will talk to you tomorrow.

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