Swing Trades, A Little News, The Endless (Again) Transcript


Swing Trades, A Little News, The Endless (Again)

[00:00] Welcome to bit better have my money. I’m Mitchell Stulken and recording from the bedroom today. My daughter took over the basement so I do not have pants on today because I’m in the bedroom. I A shirt I found on the floor. So whatever it is, what it is. Daughters playing roadblocks. So I lost out. Let’s take a look at the trading portfolio here from over the weekend. It’s moved up a little bit. Seen some money. Come into the crypto markets. I’m two point three, eight bit coin up to 2,500 seems. Seems like that’s exactly where it might’ve been last time I checked. Maybe it was 23 anyway. Overall on coin wise, doing pretty well. At least the ones I’ve been looking at. So we’re 2,500. So let’s look at the daily here. A nice deep brain chain down five point seven, eight percent. And I’m going to say, well I’ll get into why I said Nice.

[01:04] That’s awesome. So that’s the biggest loser for the day. That’s pretty good. A lot of things going right. If that’s the biggest loser, biggest gainers, celeris nine point seven percent Zeke coin. That’s why I like to see. I like to see that that needs to go up a lot, a seven point eight, six percent. That needs to go up a ton. A, let’s check the seven day here. Other than that, they only, um, nothing else is really up. It’s pretty, pretty. Even across the board there for the 24 hours a day. Same seven day trends. That’s actually pretty good to a power ledger down five point seven, eight percent. I’ve been watching this and I missed out on a big jump because I didn’t move quick enough. Um, so I’m not going to. It sucks. But what do you do? So I’m gonna wait, I’m gonna wait, I am like that 35 to 3000 bitcoin price.

[02:02] It’s at 4,100 right now. And it was down I think below 3000. I thought about moving in and then it just jumped up. So I missed that one for whatever. Find other ones shift down. Five point five percent. So this week has been an actual, you know, a good week and it’s nice to see after taking a blood bath for so long. Uh, let’s check on Shane effects here. Um, oh yeah. I had to get, my wife runs a daycare and a had a lace scare coming through. So my son had to shave his head and then I started letting him do it and then I realized, Oh man, if I shave it all off, I’ll probably never get it back. So pussed out about halfway through anyway on, on Shane Fx. Check it out. Bitcoin. It’s $6,700. Not even dead down half a percent. In theory I’m at 4,486 up point one, one percent. So it really hasn’t moved at all. Which fine. That’s good. The biggest losers? Big Coin Diamond. None here.

[03:10] That’s crazy. Let’s see how much over half. Well, over half. Yeah, about three fourths are down and even there aren’t really many big gainers. Let’s take a look at the. Did you buy that one? I’m going to really have to look into that. I think I see that every time, but did you bite? Seems to be on the top gainers and the top losers, so if you can hit, if you can hit that right, just wait for it to drop like 10 percent hop in and then it seems to jump in 10 percent. Again, I might actually have to, like I said, be paying more attention on that one. It’s up 54 percent in a week. So. And maybe you already missed out on that one. Up a 115 percent in three months. That’s crazy. Especially everything’s going down. This is up 115 percent in three months.

[04:08] Whatever. Good for them. Z Coin, man, I’ve loved Susie coin up. That’s up. Seven point five percent. Arch up, four point eight percent. Good for them. Biggest loser. As I said, bitcoin diamond, 16 percent. That’s a big fall. Ces for almost five percent and the rest are four. Three and three, so nothing too big except for bitcoin diamond. And did you bite a over here? A little bit of news. The banker herea says crypto poses an insignificant risk to financial market, which makes sense and it goes on to say, you know, there isn’t that much money tied up into Crypto, like people aren’t putting a ton of their money into that and most of it’s still in the normal traditional assets, so that, I mean, that makes complete sense. You really shouldn’t be putting in. I mean, I probably went way overboard on Crypto, but I really believe on it. The, uh, the more moderate investor a, you would probably come in slowly. So, I mean, it makes complete sense. I would not be surprised to see it start to shift and maybe end up not this year, but, uh,

[05:21] I don’t know, five, 10 years from now, maybe be closer to a 50 slash 50 split. Uh, the more it gets mainstream, the more people are going to come in looking for the profit as well. That’s for sure. So we’ll see how that goes, but I would imagine eventually it’d be more, definitely more evenly split. Um, another cool little note here is finance expects to make a billion dollar profit in 2018 this year, which is insane. A billion dollars, a good for them to fill. It’s a lot of pressure, lot of work to be doing that stuff, but good on them for him. I just done retired, but you know, it’s only going to grow. So he’s gonna be, he’s gonna be sitting absolutely. Well that is who doesn’t get into any trouble getting any lawsuits. So, I mean he’s taken a huge risk, uh, the people over there, but a good for them, you know, billion dollars, I’d take it.

[06:29] Let’s, uh, so a couple of things. I’ve done a couple of traits here. Um, first off, deep brain chain. I’m on Delta, I use delta. It’s so much easier. Oh No. Okay. So yeah, deep branching. I actually bought in at five 69 on June 29th and then I sold here July fifth, I think it was about a 15 percent profit. 16, something like that. Uh, and then I put a buy order in for uh, you know, I sold it six slash 62. I’m originally bought it five slash 69, sold at six 62. And this is true Sitoshi. Uh, so once I sold I set a another so or by order at five slash 79 and right now it’s at five 80 so I’m hoping hoping that we’ll close here in just a minute and uh, hopefully it pops back up, took a huge, huge dip a from, I don’t know, looks like stuff to say, but I’d say like six, 15, six, 12.

[07:38] It looks like it’s fell from there all the way down to five 80. So I’m at like five slash 79 and the last time I closed I put it five slash 69 and it’s too far back and I barely got it. I think it went down to like five 62. So I nailed that one, took the profit and I decided to buy back in way down there because you in deep deep brain chain gets down to this level. Seems to always pop back up. This would be like the fourth time I’ve done this on deep brand chain, so we’ll see if I get that closed. I thought about going five slash 69 again, but I was so close to not getting that closed. Um, the last time that I just don’t want to be that aggressive again. I have got bought and lower like five, 25, 28 the lowest.

[08:27] I’ve got instant like that. So that might be something you want to check out. I trade deep brain shane a lot. So hopefully that closes another one. Where are we at here? Boom. So loon, I got a bit aggressive on and when I was looking at it, it could have gone and I’ve talked about before, it could have gone either way. It was sitting on this line and it could have went up, couldn’t went down. I took a bet bought in and hoping it would go up and I should’ve known better with the market went down. So whatever is what it is. Um, but just the other day on the sixth of July, it went up like 48 percent. So I had bought in it for 400, 400, 4,004 slash 78. And, uh, when it took this huge jump up, I was only down seven percent and it was way farther down before, so I actually sold off half of mine that I bought.

[09:26] I sold off that and um, it seems to be working. I took the seven percent loss, which seems counter productive because you’re looking for gain, but actually wanting to cut my losses off there and look for a better buy in. So if we look here, I bought it for thousand four 78 and when I sold that was down seven percent. If I would’ve just left it, I’d be down 20 percent. So right now I could actually buy in and I’d be saving myself rough, roughly 14 percent. Uh, I wouldn’t have that as a loss. So I, I’ve saved myself some loss, a kind of recouped my last as a little bit, um, in a general way, you know, although what, you know, now I’m down, I’m down seven percent instead of 21. So it’s 14 percent swing. I actually have a buy order in at 3000, uh, which, you know, is it 3000 when it jumped all the way up to like, just under 4,000 I think. Know why I think it was at four 4,100. It doesn’t show that on here. But uh, actually if I go three days,

[10:41] yeah, third is so it was just under 3000, 25 and it ran all the way up to like 4,300 so it jumped a ton and now it’s slowly falling back and I could probably put a buy order in under three. But um, I’m going to leave it right now. I have been thinking about possibly putting one in here around 35 and then hopefully it’ll jump up. But I did that last time and got burnt. So I think I’m just going to sit at that 3000 range and grabbed something there. If I’m paying attention and I see it, you know, I have an alert set up my phone, but I can’t be watching all the time. If I can get it lower I’ll take it. But right now I haven’t slept for $3,000, but that, you know, that’s an example of selling at a loss to Kinda help yourself out. Some people wouldn’t do it. I figured might as well save myself some. I might, if I get way lower I can make more profit when it comes back. The other one I’ve been busy, been a busy boy right here, the chain

[11:48] and I was doing better. So v chain, I actually just bought in at $37,000 for 39 and it’s kind of, you know, it hasn’t been moving a lot. I bought in v chain before, so I’m down from way before, but it’s fallen significantly. So if this goes. So in three months it’s down six percent. So it’s kind of backwards started three months ago, which is decent. And in six months it’s down 12 percent. So it’s lower than you know, when this whole thing started a month, that’s fallen 24 percent week, seven percent, three days. Two and a day at one percent. So I’m hoping that given it’s so low it’ll shoot up here. I just, it just looked good to me and I honestly, I like v chain so I’m not real worried about it. I kind of wanted to hop in and again, get it, get the good price.

[12:47] But I bought in at 37,000 for 39. I have been up the highest was like two point three percent, something like that. I thought about selling it, but I didn’t really want to take that yet. I’ll wait it out. I’m down point seven, four percent. It’s been hopping between there. If I can get three point five to five percent, I’ll sell it depending on how the movement goes. I’m not looking for this for a long term one, but just some swing swing trades, how it goes. Uh, so that’s, that’s Kinda what I got going on. Once you have a bunch of smaller swing trades figure might as well. The prices are great. You know, everyone’s scared about how low everything is, but take 100 bucks. That’s what I take 100 bucks and make some money if you can. That’s all I put it in this time and put 100 bucks on these and just gonna see what I can do and if you want to follow along, go. If you’re on the podcast, you can go check out the youtube video and see the prices if you want to hop in or just right. Um, well I have a notebook when I listened to podcasts. So anyway, you can always come back later. Write down in your notebook anyway if you want to follow along. Not Financial Advice. Remember just my opinion, but see what we can do together. Oh, this is getting a bit long, but I just want to again, right now the A, and I’ll put a link in the

[14:12] show notes, but the endless. I talked about that probably a week or so ago. Right now the endless is the number one rated horror movie on rotten tomatoes and I honestly, I wouldn’t call it a horror movie. It’s not gory or gross or anything like that. It just kind of messes with your head. It makes you think it’s more of a Scifi movie. I wouldn’t even say it’s a horror movie, it’s more of a PSI. Um,

[14:38] yeah. Psi Phi Thinking Guy, a thinking person’s movie than anything. So I highly suggest you check out the endless. I loved it. I’m probably going to watch it again if you want the whole experience, watch resolution and then watch endless you’ll, it’ll be. I wish I would have been able to do it that way. I didn’t know. I watched the endless and then resolution. But um, yeah, I hide it if you like this type of movies, like those ones that make you think and you don’t really know what’s going on. Um, yeah. And it’s an, it’s an md one. Two, you know, that it’s small budget, which it looks great that don’t think small budget. It looks terrible, but I just, I liked sport people like that and that’s where you find most of the really interesting movies is on the Indie side of it and it’s just these two guys who did it.

[15:27] And, uh, kind of the reason I brought it up is I just read today that one of the directors, her to his mother actually committed suicide like three days before they started filming this movie. And um, it actually has the movie has to do with like a suicide cult. Um, I can’t say any more than that. It’s not a gross movie. But anyway, I saw that it was kind of sad and they, the, in the interview they said it really kind of colored how the movie was filmed and the directors actually act in it. It’s an excellent movie. So kind of adds another layer to it with that, the one on too much of a Downer note. Hope you guys had a good weekend. Ours was short I guess, but would you kindly hit that subscribe button, like button whatever helps me out a ton. And with that we will talk to you later.

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