Deadcoins, Do Not Be Afraid To Sell


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I invested in GCR, two months later they took it off of the Bittrex exchange. For those of you who don’t know Bittrex is one of the largest exchanges to buy coins on.

The delisting of this coin was a huge cause for concern. It lowered the volume per day to around $4000. This is not good for buying or selling.

It also made the coin look as though it would not survive and die. 

After watching GCR for a few weeks I sold it after a big move up. I still lost 44%, but no longer had to worry about the coin losing all its value.

Everyone needs to watch their portfolio to make sure their coins are valid and not dying. 

A great place to check for this information at is will

With the crypto markets consolidating, many coins can and will fail. Even coins that are doing something great may not make it.

The market is young and growing. Just don’t get caught holding onto something that will not make it.

Do not be afraid to sell at a loss if a coin doesn’t look to be surviving.

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