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[00:00] Welcome to bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken. Welcome to a wonderful, wonderful Monday. Can sort of move my neck today. Pretty, pretty pumped about that. I like being on the neck. What a miserable day. Trying to drive and deliver stuff with. You know, you got twist, twisted. The hips sucked. Look at the trading portfolio quick. We’re at 2,953. Yay. I’ll ride just hanging out around the 3000. I do expect the cash price that although that my bitcoins have stayed pretty much the same as cash price. I do believe we’ll be going down. We’ll talk about that in awhile. Twenty four hours on the trading portfolio. Waves up seven point nine, five percent icon, seven point two, salt, seven point one. Scrolling down here. It looks like everything. Everything except to Dragon Shane and lume lume makes me sick. Uh, yeah, everything is up seven percent to zero point zero.

Four percent that uh, take that on a day. That’s on the 24 hour loomed down five percent. Black kind of eft up on that loom trade. Um, it, it was sitting around about 5,000 bitcoin price to toe shoes and a could have moved up, couldn’t move down. I took a bet on it would move up since it was getting some good press and she promptly moved down. I believe I am down roughly 30 percent on that one. So not one of my more positive trades on that one. Should have waited, but took a shot. What do you do? I did buy in I dollar cost average in on that one. So, um, it did somewhat even itself out. I bought back in here. Oh, like 32 bitcoin price, I believe I’d have to check. Maybe it was a bit higher than that, but anyway, I did dollar cost average in that just in case it did drop down.

[02:18] And uh, so I sort of played that, right. That is that trade, right? Dare is what’s going to make that is, I believe I talked about earlier is what is going to, uh, I’m going to start using stop loss. Very tight stop losses from now on probably about five percent. Uh, I got a trade. I’m actually looking at GCR, I’m actually looking at that trade, very low volume, get into it probably more tomorrow because it’s getting down to where I would be comfortable buying in. It’s a 1280 right now and it was up to 16 and 14 and slowly been falling and it looks like when it hits that 12 range, it kind of hangs out there, maybe drips that dips down to like the 10 ish every, every once in a while, but then it seems to jump up. It fluctuates greatly. A low volume coin, so I’m going to start looking at that. It’s getting right where I kind of want it to be. Oh, let’s just. There’s the dog was wondering where he is at his height now. The past his bedtime. Oh look a bit coin here. And on chain fx it’s at 6,700 up almost two percent etherium at five. 18. Almost a percent up. So that’s.

[03:34] Yeah, that’s good. I still think the way things had been going, I really wouldn’t be. I actually thought it was going to dip below six here. This, uh, this weekend it was kind of looking like it would and then it really pops back up, read a lot of stuff where people say that the 65 to six, like especially 6,500 range is really important. A lot of resistance there. Um, because that’s what it seems people have bitcoin valued at right now. And when it gets to that 6,500 range, everyone’s like, oh my goodness, that’s a good deal. I better buy some more and then it pops up the price. I myself do that. When it gets down there, I’m like, yeah, I’m going to buy some more. And if it does dip below six 6,500, that’s where we’ll be in a little bit more trouble. Some people think, and I somewhat do agree, if it does get blow that it shows that people aren’t thinking 6,500 such a good deal anymore. And then that’s the point where uh, some people have said 4,000 wouldn’t be out of, out of range if it dips below six. I for a long ways down there it, it can definitely happen. Five I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t, I could easily see five happening then and I would be happy with it for now by some more up switch. You got to do top gainers already in up nine percent. I don’t even know what that is. Raiden raiden network token, nice

[05:09] independent protocol layer, which I think I talked about. That one are there. It’s down 80 percent in six months, so hopefully hopefully you didn’t have that one factor is up top gainers. What just changed a on chain anyway, so top gainer now sis, eight point eight percent factum, seven point one, seven percent factums interesting. I’m probably going to look at buying into some factum here. Um, they basically allow like businesses to file all their paperwork and things like that instead of keeping it in like a, um, you know, on paper or in some sort of server somewhere, they can use the blockchain to store all their paperwork. Uh, which is pretty interesting. It’s a here’s, here’s what it says. Basically it just dripped a distributed mechanism to lock in data and making data verifiable and independently. Audible is extremely powerful when applied to business transactions and processes, so yeah, you could stall all your business information on the blockchain, which is interesting because that’s a law that was passed by Wyoming. Businesses can store their information on the blockchain, so I think factums could be a really good one in the long term here. Look, see the return on investment says right here for you to got it two years ago, you’d be up 829 percent. About a year ago you’re down 65 percent. So yeah. Interesting. Top losers ppt populous?

[06:53] No, I’m not 100 percent sure, but popular says down three percent. Populous is a platform for buying and selling invoices globally. So that’s nice. BNB down one percent loom the two point two, five percent looms going to be a good one. Longterm, I think I just bought in right away. I should have waited longer, but what do you do? What do you do? I didn’t put that much money is kind of speculative trade, so other than that I’m listening to my dog fricking itch himselfs. It’s just ridiculous. He’s got apparently as allergies what? What’s what’s that? All the dogs have allergies. Skin itches. Now I got to pay for your frigging whatever. Shampoo. Ugh. Jesus Damn Dog was $2,500 bucks.

[07:47] Don’t ever spend. I mean he’s cool dog French bulldog, but wife had to have that one all on to some news here. Got a little sidetracked. Interesting article on medium. I will link to it in the show notes here and forgive me if I butcher the name, but Sylvain rives s y l v a n ribes R I b e s and it looks like you can follow him on twitter at art p l a t I e Dot. Anyway, he’s how I came across this article on medium, which is pretty interesting. Basically, uh, the, the title is chasing fake volume of Crypto plagge. And what he’s looking at is seeing if there’s fake volume on exchanges. If exchanges are basically faking it, which is

[08:42] pretty interesting. The first paragraph basically is in this piece I will expose why I believe more than 3 billion of all crypto assets to be fabricated a and how. Okay. Okay. Yeah. The number one rated exchange by volume is the main offender, was up to 93 percent of its volume being nonexistent, so that is pretty interesting. Uh, he does quite a bit of research here and he actually goes through and he looks at some slippage at a where kind of the buy and sell orders are, where the volume at and where it could, you know, where he basically proves that there’s fake volume. It goes into some math stuff and I’m terrible at math so I can’t explain it. But uh, it’s really quite interesting article. It’s a longer one pretty in depth, but it shows he did his research. So good for him. This is something I could never have written because I’m, again, terrible at mad or mad, terrible at math.

[09:52] A very, very interesting. So courage you to look that up. But if he is correct, there’s a lot of thinking that, you know, it’s not regulated. It’s not a that market. So what can you do? Well that’s true. You know, people can do it because it’s not regulated, but it still sucks and it doesn’t. Doesn’t mean that it’s right. What, you know, I’m kind of the same thing and I’ve talked about it before with um, you know, scams, ICO, stuff like that, you know, it is what it is. You got to be careful, but maybe that’s the wrong time kind of approach that we should, we should take, maybe we should actually try and do something about it. What exactly is a little bit harder to say, but we can at least like, this is a good example. This guy went and did this research.

[10:49] Looks like it’s pretty true and it’s something we can put out there and demand answers to. We could stop trading at to. Okay. X, which I know are, you know, there’s only so many places to buy at, but you should try and do something. Um, it can definitely, you know, what affects price. It’s um, what if they’re manipulating volume and you happen to buy in and then they take the volume away and you can’t sell your stuff. It’s just crazy. So there’s one good thing he had, um, in the why you should care. Part of his, his, uh, article. Basically light coin in bitcoin cash apparently have had as much as 75 percent of their volume circulating on. Okay. He x, um, which is in sane insane. Uh, okay. Excellent. I believe by ads between those two, 75 percent and just these two places, it’s nuts and it’s probably not, not right.

[12:05] Um, you know, like he goes to say here, if you’re displaying mostly artificial volumes, these currencies are going to look more appealing, which yes, when you go and you start looking at buying a trade and you’re in even a coin market gap, wherever you’re at. Whenever I go look at a coin, I’m looking at the volume, is there volume for me to buy and sell? And if there is, that’s great. Awesome means people want it. But if it’s fake, there’s no way for us, no way I can tell I buy in. All of a sudden the volume is gone. What am I going to do? I’m stuck. So this is just one of those things that right now something we kind of got to deal with A. I had never really thought of this before to be honest with you, so I really encourage you to go read this article, check it out.

[12:59] I just found it today, kind of read through it and I’ll read through it again here too. But it’s just quite interesting. It’s, you know, we don’t need, we do need some regulations with things like this, but maybe this is just the world to. People need to quit. Just being assholes. Be Dicks. Ah, it’s hard enough. Hard enough as it is. Quit making it harder. Uh, but yeah, that’s um, that’s all I got for you on there. I will put, put that in the show notes here. Um, yeah. And then the other thing, they have this other. I talked about it yesterday where the guy had to return the US Senate candidate. He had to return $130,000 a bitcoin donation, which is interesting. That’s anything. You get bitcoin in the news in a good way. We’ll take it. Oh, here’s something that actually I just came up.

Paris Hilton’s hotel mogul father to sell $38 million mansion, $38,000,000 mansion for cryptocurrency. That’s actually a really smart move. If you could sell one, think of it, if I sell you my house in Bitcoin, you give me $38,000,000 in bitcoin. I’m just going to sit on that and boom, bitcoin goes up to 20 grand. Holy Geez, you just made even more money. So that’s one of the reasons I think when businesses get into it, there’ll be a really good thing. Business like fire, we’re owning a business. I would take payments in bitcoin and crypto and what I would do is if I had a business that was up and running and I

[14:52] didn’t need the cash right away, I would keep half of that payment. So let’s say you gave me $10 for a sandwich. I would keep it in. You paid me in Bitcoin, I would keep half in Bitcoin, put it in my wallet, cold storage, never look at it, and then I would take half in cash and odds are that five bucks that I put away in Bitcoin is going to be worth way more than what I, when I put it in now. So that’s uh, that’s Kinda all I got for you there tomorrow. I’ll have an interesting one for you. I got to write it up. I got to figure out how I want to tell you about it. Learning experience for me and uh, I hope it will help you. Let’s talk about that tomorrow. I just got to figure out how I want to talk about it. Um, but yeah, uh, on a different note, kids and wife and I played

[15:45] a fusion frenzy. It was a game that came out on the original xbox like in 2001, I believe. Yeah. November 14, 2001. I bought that game when it came out, man, we played that a ton in college. Love it. Fusion frenzy. If you have the xbox live xbox one. So if you have an xbox one, we actually pay for the game pass 10 bucks a month and that game is on there now. So check it out. Different Note. I am watching the staircase on Netflix. I’m not even going to google that. Not even. I don’t want anything ruined. Don’t Google it. I’m on episode four right now and Oh my God, ugh. Check it out. Watch it. With that, would you kindly hit that subscribe button?

[16:34] And with that I’m going to go put my kids to bed. Maybe do a little bit of writing. Uh, I do have a website. I don’t think I really ever say that on here, but I do have a website bit better. Have my where I write a little bit, have some walkthroughs, teach you how to do stuff. Uh, some more trades, more my thoughts. A lot of it I put in on the podcast too. I write it up and then kind of read it off that. So. But there’s other things on there. Uh, so yeah. Would you kindly, I think I said that already, if not, whatever hit that subscribe button helps me out a ton or that thumbs up button. Leave a comment if you would like, and with that I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

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