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[00:00] A bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and I am super tired today. I stayed up until three in the morning watching the staircase should’ve stopped, but I mean I hit the verdict. I was actually, I think right one past that. Anyway, I thought I only had four episodes left, which wouldn’t have been bad, but I had five and it’s just. Yeah, I couldn’t stop. Anyway, take a quick look at it. My trading portfolio, the one I’m trying to get to 50 k also, I don’t think I’ve ever said and I haven’t put the link. I’ll put the link for this portfolio into the show notes or comments. You can go look at it whenever you want to. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I do it on the blog, on my website all the time for the articles I write and I just never thought.

[00:54] So anyway. I will put the link for the trading portfolio in the so you can have access to it. Go check it out whenever you want to. And so you have the goal to get to 50 k? We’re at $2,859. Nice. What? That doesn’t worry me too much, but I was at point four for bitcoin. I’m at point four, three bit coin today. So that’s not. I don’t want to see that USD. Whatever. I don’t care. I want to see this bit coin go up and it’s not. That’s what I want to see a USD is going to go up with with bitcoin. But uh, yeah, I don’t, I don’t like to be losing bitcoin. I’ve actually been doing pretty well on not losing bitcoin so I wanna I to keep it that way. Let’s just look at the 24 hour trend. Here is everything down.

[01:48] I never looked at this before. I do this. So I’m actually just a surprise when I come in here is uh, you guys could be. I like to do it that way and you get the natural reaction. Oh Geez. Here we go. Fun. Fair up 20 percent. I actually did a trait a day trade on that. I bought funfair thought about it a little bit. I wasn’t, I just didn’t really. I Dunno, I kind of went on, I knew a little bit about, it kind of went off a buddy’s recommendation I bought in and I was up seven percent that day, I think like seven point seven, eight percent, and I sold that day. I just took it, so I bet that was probably a smart move. The way the market’s been down, it’s only fun. Is only down 30 percent or so. Sorry. Seventeen percent in 30 days.

[02:36] So that’s actually not too bad. Good for fun. Fair. Uh, that’s the biggest mover. I don’t actually own any of that. I got to get rid of that on here. I’m salt up. Four point five percent. I actually think salts can be pretty good. Longterm. Uh, it’s a lending company. You can use your crypto to as a user crypto as collateral to take out a loan which is really interesting and they don’t actually go off credit. So I think that’s gonna be really good longterm because the credit, if anyone’s ever taken out a loan the way they do credit’s due, but it’s just dumb. I have, I’ve find credit, I’ve never had to deal with that, but my wife has, um, and I know people who have and it just sounds awful. Absolutely awful. That’s. Yeah, shift. So basically, besides funfair, the only ones that are up our salt shift wings, strat and humanity, and that’s it. Four point five percent all the way down. Humanic up point one, one percent nice. Everything else is down. Not Bad though. This one I’m actually going to talk about here, GCR coin, uh, went up,

[03:50] dammit. Anyway, I’m going to talk about that here in a minute. That is down six point nine, two percent, which, uh, I know I shouldn’t be rooting for it to go down because I’m invested in it, but right now I am 30 day trend on that is, it’s up 58 percent though. And uh, yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Waves down five percent. Nothing too crazy a, everything’s down at six point nine percent all the way to boy. A lot of stuff is down today. Two point three, one percent at nano whatever. So that’s trading portfolio. Bitcoin still at like 6,700 down point. Four, three percent. In theory. I’m. Hey, I think my, I think my bio order closed. It’s at five. Twenty four down. Two point two, seven percent I think at a bioterrain in at five, 29, something like that. I don’t have to look.

[04:43] That’s awesome. Good for me. High Five. Nice. Now just watch it. Continue to fall. Uh, yeah. Top Gainer. Funfair 23 percent. Basic attention token. Look at this. This guy go up eight percent. Eight point eight. Four percent. Good for good for that cool coin shares. Oh, right up six percent. I like cu coin shares. Oh look at that. I didn’t even know this coup coin shares in six months. It’s up 280. One percent. Wow, that’s crazy. The price is $2 and seventy six cents. Oh God. The all time high was $20. I didn’t even. $20 and 33 percent. Wow.

[05:31] On January seventh hole, man, I own Coo coin shares and I believe, I don’t actually think I got in around the 50 60 some sense maybe it was like a dollar. I wasn’t on it right away, it might have been a dollar, so I’m still sitting good on that, but Oh, thinking but looking back should have sold it. Should’ve sold this one though. I in a project’s going to continue to hold. I don’t actually. Yeah. Well the reason I’m just going to hold it is because you get right now, 50 percent of the trading free or God, that’s a tough one. So if you own coo coin shares on cu coin, it gives you initially, basically right now it’ll change at some point, but right now you’ll get 50 percent of the trading free. Why is it free trading revenue trading fee. That’s what’s supposed to be trading fee revenue generated by the exchange.

[06:32] So. And you also get fee discount. So basically I have a ton of random ass coins in my coo coin wallet on the exchange. I got to get them off there, but there’s so many of them and some of them I can’t sell because the, the, the portions you get can be depending on. I don’t own a ton of cool coin shares. If I had more, the portions might be bigger, but some of them are just so minuscule that don’t even matter. Some of them are actually adding up because they are very popular and keep getting traded, so I keep getting more and more. But anyway, I really liked the, like those coins to like bind Nance BNB. I like that too. Yeah. Cool coin does a, B and b. There we go. Same thing up four point six, six percent salt up, three point five, six percent.

[07:24] So I actually own all of those. Those except funfair good for me. Still down though, one chain down seven percent substratum seven percent. I had a buddy bison. I actually looked at substratum pretty hard for a long time. I never pulled the trigger and uh, I kicked myself for a long time because I was looking at it when it was, uh, it was cheap. I can’t even remember, like right when I, when, when it first came out I was checking it out and then it just skyrocketed and I just didn’t want to buy it. And, and you know, be stuck holding the bags at the top. Anyway, let’s get out of this.

[08:01] So what is this one? I think I clicked on the wrong one. Oh, here we go. So the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Ads crypto price tracking research to the database. So it’s the database. Apparently it’s called the Federal Reserve economic data, Fred, and it’s going to include bitcoin, Bitcoin, cash etherium light coin. So good for them. Price is updated daily, uh, and data obtained from the US base cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. Coinbase, coinbase, coinbase, if they keep going, they are going to be just massive. But this is pretty cool. It’s a bank. Um, and it, you know, it added Crypto. People can look at it. That’s one of the things that that’s really good really should happen and it’ll get, you know, people go in there and check it out and they’d be like, oh look, here’s bitcoin is bitcoin cash etherium light coin. And if they don’t know about them, which some people don’t, they may check him out.

[09:09] May think, you know what, look at this, I might be able to make quick 10 percent or lose, lose 80 percent all in one day. So that’s kind of a little bit of news I found. Interesting. So things are coming around. It’s just gonna be a little bit. Market prices aren’t coming around yet, but all in all the news stuff is, has been pretty positively lately. Uh, this one, I’m actually super, super excited. This is on Coin Telegraph. Anyway, they are a reporting in the US members of Congress must disclose crypto holdings above a thousand dollars. I find that awesome. I think that’s really cool. Uh, I believe, yeah. Uh, so house members are required to disclose their own and their spouses holdings value to over a thousand dollars. So that’s, that’s interesting. My initial thought is they will not and they, they, they won’t, you know, there’s no way that anyone can prove it.

[10:16] So there’s no way they’re going to actually tell the truth. Absolutely not one if I, if I were, I don’t want the public to know exactly, although I’m doing that already, but I’m not. If I’m a congressman, I do not want everyone to know how much crypto I have and then get targeted, especially if I have a ton because I’m a public figure and I could have done a lot to Piss piss people off me. I’m just the guy showing you my portfolio on here and trying to help everyone learn and me learn as well. So I do it. But I, if I were congressman, no, absolutely not. But I, I really excited. I hope, I know they won’t, but I think it’d be really neat to see what some of these people who are making the laws about this stuff and supposedly be forming regulation.

[11:12] I’m curious to know if they own anything. And the conspiracy theorist in me is like, all right, if they own some stuff, maybe they have some insider knowledge about that and maybe I want to look at picking some of that up. So that is pretty neat. And it also looks like the US Office of government ethics, uh, issued its own disclosure guidance to federal employees requiring them to do the same thing of reporting any crypto over a thousand dollars. So I’m glad I do not work in there anyway. So I’m actually looking at trade here, a GCR I’ve been watching it for quite a bit. Global currency reserve. I have really been looking. So on the month it’s up 60 percent and from I it doesn’t on Delta. I’m on my Delta here between May 5th and June fifth. So I’m just going to say like June first, it’s a. So on May 25th it was at basically 8,000 Satoshi bitcoin.

[12:23] I’m just going to say bitcoin because that’s or 800 800 tow. She’s there and then it jumped up all the way up to 14 within a couple days and then it kinda hung out between 14 and 12 and didn’t do much. Didn’t do much. And then like June 14th, 13th, something like that jumped all the way up to $1,600. Yeah. No, 1600. Yeah. Uh, and then kind of hung out there and it’s slowly dropped down to 12 and it’s right now at 12. Oh seven. I’m really thinking about jumping in cars from around that June first to now. Other than that, like that one big day jump it, it seems like 12 is a really hard resistance. So, and if I go back to the three month, it actually, um, three months. This is what makes me, uh, this is why I haven’t done it yet. Over the last three months it’s up 264 percent.

[13:29] So like on April third, it’s sitting down at like 500 and then it goes, goes and like May 1st the jumps all the way up to like 12 falls back down to 800 and then until the big run up here a little bit. But what it’s been doing is like hung out at five, jumped up and then it hung out and then it kind of consolidated back down, hung out around the nine, set between 900 and 700 mark. And then it jumped up again and now it’s been hanging out around the 1200 mark. So there’s like a staircase. If you’re on the podcast probably it’s like a staircase going up and I kind of, I’m thinking about putting a buy order in. It was down to 11 something today, so I’m thinking of putting a buy order in at like 1188 just because that sounds good to me.

[14:28] 80 eight. Anyway, so if I do that, I’m going to, I’m going to put a tight stop loss on that thinking five percent. I don’t want to go any lower. This has got such low volume, like the 24 hour volume is 3,484. Uh, according to Delta. I mean I, I that might be right, which is astronomically low so it could move super, super quick. Very. I mean someone could just dump money or dump a ton of coins and it’s probably going to be hard to sell. Might be hard to buy, but it does move and people do buy obviously. So that’s something I’m looking at might. I’m definitely going to set a tight stop loss. What really makes me nervous is it’s a 264 percent and then at three months and in the month it’s up 60 percent. So more on like honestly, it’s probably gonna drop back down to like seven or five the way the market’s been going.

[15:44] So that’s why I’m going to do the tight stop loss. I’m actually watching deep brain chain as well. Deep brain chains. It’s 757 and I bought into that and sold it a ton and every time it gets down to like the five slash 28, 5:45 range I buy and I’ve made a killing. So I’m really watching this closely. I’m almost thinking about just layering buys in like starting at 7:57 and then just layer them if it keeps dropping a because it really seems like that five, 23 mark when it hits, like that’s the floor and then it just goes right back up. That’s what it’s done twice. Third Time, uh, probably get burnt. Uh, with that. That’s the end of God for Crypto. Going to move on to. I finished

[16:35] the staircase. It’s fantastic. No spoilers. I might talk to do a spoiler one later, but yeah, it was, it was good. It’s actually one of those shows like if you seen making a murderer that really didn’t have an enclosure, the staircase has closure, so you’re gonna get you’re gonna get you may not be what you want, but you’re going to get the ending. So it’s very, very good. Very excellent. A very scary. I’ve been in involved in court systems. I’ve been in some trouble and that shit’s no joke. It’s um, I mean, it shouldn’t be,

[17:10] but it’s pretty damn sketchy sometimes it can be really, really scary. So yeah. Anyway, I would, I recommend checking that out if you, if you like that, and I can’t believe I missed it. But yesterday, yesterday, June 20th was the 40, 40. Yeah. Forty three years ago. Jaws was released yesterday. So that is in saying that that came out 43 years ago. Uh, I, I don’t even see. I can’t believe they don’t have anything on here. I just googled it to see if they had something up, but they don’t. Anyway, so it came out 43 years ago yesterday. It’s pretty awesome. Oh, Yep. Here it is a, it’s a whole duck. I have yet to, I won’t, I haven’t watched it with my kids and they’ve asked, but I, no way. Like I remember it’s, I mean it’s still Kinda, I go, I don’t, I’ll go in the water, but like when I’m in the ocean I think about it when I’m in our river here or lake. I’m like, yeah, it, it still pops in my head it. Yeah. So it, um, June 20th, 19, 75 came out. God, it’s such a good movie.

[18:33] Also. There’s always big debate on if it’s going to be we’re going to need a bigger boat or you’re with a y and it is your, like you are going to need a bigger boat. So I actually looked that up today, but that got me thinking kind of A. Actually I’m gonna save that for later. I got to really think of. I was going to be like top five movies because jaws is in my top five, but I’m in, I might do that, might think about it over the weekend. Uh, out of curiosity. It’s got an eight point. Oh, rating on rotten are on. I am Deb. Let’s see what it’s got on rotten tomatoes. Just for fun. I’m going to bet you that it’s got to be like a 96 percent. That’s what I’m saying. Ninety six percent. I didn’t cheat. Why is it not sometimes,

[19:27] eh. Oh, it’s a 97. 90 seven percent. Damn. I was super close. Who gives it a rotten review? So apparently 77 reviews counted fresh. Seventy five to rotten. A audience score actually gives it a 90, but there’s always that one asshole. Like I think toy story three has a 99 percent, something like that and all of them, all of them rate it fresh except for one guy and he only does it because he wants to be that. That guy who’s the hipster going to be. I’m different from everybody and he probably loves the movie. He’s just. And you know what it works because I’m like, I want to see who wrote these two rotten reviews and be like, what is wrong with you? Or you’re just scared of the movie obviously. So whatever. I might actually look that later, but yeah, 43 years ago yesterday, someday I’ll watch it.

[20:27] I’d like to have. When did you first watch? I think I watched it if you like. I was like seven or eight, something like that, but I watched horror movies a lot when I was young. So anyway, hope you guys have a Good Friday. I’m recording on Thursday but you probably, you will be listening in on Friday. Have a good weekend. I’ll probably get. I think the plan is do it during the week. Get them out for the week. Maybe do one over the weekend, but maybe not. I Dunno. I kinda like doing it. So we’ll see. I’m rambling. Would you kindly hit that subscribe button? It helps me out. It gets more. And with that my fingers hanging over the stop button. We’ll talk to you later.


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