Cause I’m Moving On Up, DBC Trade Again (Transcript)


Cause I’m Moving On Up, DBC Trade Again

Welcome to bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and it is July second today, Monday already. This summer is flying by. My son is in the next room playing grand theft auto like he always is. He is what? He’s buying a new car. Freaking buying cars, changing clothes. That’s all he wants to do a. well we would rob more banks, but you got to have four people and I don’t want to put them in that. In that situation where there’s two randoms and me and him wouldn’t go good. Anyway, let’s look at my trading portfolio. We’re moving on up. Moving on up here on the trading portfolio. It was up to point four bitcoin today, but we are at point three nine. So we’ve went up point. Oh to a cash wise, we’re at 2,600. Just that touch over that. So it’s doing all right. Coming back, bitcoin had dropped down to 5,800 and then has moved back up.

[01:05] So it’s, it’s, that’s helped a ton but there’s been a lot of movement in the last few days. Um, and today even. So there’s actually a lot of good swing trades and I’ll look at one I did here, but looking at some of my investments in the last 24 hours loom network up 18 percent. That has a long way to go for me. Um, yeah, I didn’t put much money in that but bought a bit too high. Anyway, that’s up 18 percent, seven day trend. It’s up 30 percent. So could it had a good one on that dragon chain needed to go up. That’s up 17 percent today to a salt. Fourteen percent. While a lot of stuff looks like, oh, are we gonna make it. Hey, I’ll write everything. Everything is green in the 24 hour trend. That is awesome. The Lowest One is power ledger at point nine eight percent. But in seven days, that’s up 47 percent. So that’s moved a ton. I really wish I would have pulled the trigger on that one.

[02:18] I, I liked power ledger overall. So when it’s really low I’ll tend to buy it and I was actually looking at it and assure wish I have bought some out of sold it by now. But overall everything is looking pretty good on the 24 hours. Thirty Day, not so much. The seven days, power ledger, again, it’s up 47 loom 29. So that’s. We went up the Wabi Twenty six. A lot of things moving up and I’ve said moving up quite a bit there. But even on the. Yeah, only three coins are down on the seven day. Even dragon chain, deep brain chain and Kenya coin. Can you coin? I pretty much wrote off the killer that I took on a recommendation. I don’t know if Kenny coins ever going to come back, but sure. Wish it would. Um, so yeah, pretty, pretty happy with the way things are going overall right now.

[03:13] Let’s check on chain effects here. And bitcoins at $6,600 or four percent over the weekend that I believe we talked about it when I was on vacation by the way. Vacation was fun. Good enough. I’m back. Thanks for. Thanks for asking. Um, but yeah, bitcoins up to 6,600. So you know, when it dropped down to 5,800, you got to watch these opportunities to buy. If there’s an opportunity, take it and the 5,800 was, it was a great opportunity. You can’t just sit there and be like, oh my God, I think it’s, I think it’s gonna keep falling. Maybe if you see an opportunity and you think it’s good time, go for it. You don’t have to go all in balls to the walls. You can just put a little bit in, you know. But uh, I bought some great. I feel pretty good about it. She probably, if I’d put a ton in, I’d sell right now.

[04:00] But uh, you know, if you had like 100 k, why would you not like bitcoin? Fifty 800. Throw it all in there. You’re up, you’re up four percent already done deal. It’s going to go like if I had a ton of money out, just throw it on like Bitcoin, ethereum and a couple other, um, other alt coins that, that I like. And it just wait. And in like a year, I just have generational wealth and cash out and live on some island somewhere. But I, I’m, I’m rambling now. Theory comes up to four slash 74, five percent ripple. I actually thought about buying books. I sold it all. I think I first time I bought it was like, I don’t remember 35, 30, somewhere around there since and when I ran up to three bucks I was out. I don’t really like ripple, but whatever. Stellar lumens by the way is up on number four on, uh, on, on chain effects.

[05:01] That’s crazy. Up to four I own. I don’t know how much I didn’t want to. I like stellar hub, but it looks like cheese. I think everything. There’s a couple maker populous and that’s it. Those are the only two there down today. Really good day. One hundred six entries on, on chain effects to her center, right? Biggest gainers, becn 24 percent bite coin. It seems like every time I come on here, bite coin is, is does it drop a ton? I don’t. I’m going to look at. I’m going to look at the month chart here. I’m curious. It seems like this is the third or fourth time. Yeah. Let’s see. June. So June 24th is point zero, zero two six. It didn’t really like jump a ton. Point two, four. Oh yeah. So unlike June 29th, but I’ve been doing this anyway now last month it’s all it’s done is go down June 29th. It’s was at its lowest point. So anyway, it’s just seems like bike coins in there a lot. A fcm is at 23 percent new economy movement. Let’s see that. I have no clue what it is. And obviously on chain fx does not either because there’s a question mark where it says what it is. Age three years in three months, if you’d got in three years ago you’d be at 148,000. Four hundred. Ninety three percent. I don’t know. I might have to look that one up a little bit more. I don’t know what that is. Cool coin shares up 21 percent. Good for you. Cool coin shares.

[06:42] I should have sold that when I was way up at like $19. But whatever loom. Thank you. Loom come back a little bit for me. Twenty percent there. So top losers, power ledger, three percent and ppt. I can’t think of what ppt at. Anyway, that’s down point one, three percent. So not really populous. That’s been on here a bunch too. That’s weird. Anyway, so let’s look at a couple of things here. Coinbase adds 10 customers for it’s crypto custody service, which is pretty awesome. Uh, that it’s bringing in more money. I didn’t realize it was going to cost. So basically they’re a.

[07:30] what’d you got to have that take on clients with a minimum of $10,000,000 and they charge 100,000 dollars setup fee and 10 basis points in monthly fees. I don’t really know what the basis point is, but you know what, come bring me $10 million and I will set that shit up for 50 grand. Um, and not charge you a ton of money spring in my way and I will do it way cheaper. I will do it for 20 k per, per person. Just give me 20 k and I’ll, I’ll manage your stuff for you. So let me know. Hit me up. That’s crazy. Uh, so I did. I didn’t know that, that was something I thought pretty interesting, but they’re actually, they’re hoping to have 100 large institutional customers by the end of the year and they want 5 billion with a b under management. So they’re really swinging for the fences.

[08:25] This is on Bloomberg by the way, that I saw this. I’m looking at it as a. So that would be good. You know, if they bring in more money to the crypto market, why not gonna help us a ton going to bring up prices. Um, maybe, hopefully it will push the security people and regulators to get something done and that might be what it takes coinbase just to keep pushing forward, pushing forward, bringing people until they have to address it. And yeah, there you go. And they actually say in here, that coin base has been talking to the sec, which everybody knows. See what happens right now. Hopefully something gets figured out, but I like, I like coin coin base’s move. They’re just, they’re going. Um, and polly, polly, Chine capitals, one of the people that are industries businesses, whatever you want to call it. That went in, went in with them.

[09:27] So good for them. I, you gotTa, you gotTa root for coinbase. I mean why not? If they succeed, we all do as, as investors. So go coinbase a also, I didn’t know this until today either, but the a new crypto exchange is coming out. So bt CC, uh, which was formerly known as BTC. China has relaunched and the only reason I’m kind of looking at this painting, it’s, well one, it’s a new option to trade, but they’re talking about zero fee trading, which I like. That zero fees is awesome, but they’re also coming out with their own native coin, which most exchanges do now. So, uh, but it looks like if you actually trade on their, do registration verification, make a deposit and trade, um, referrals, obviously you will actually get some of these tokens and points when they, when they come out. And we all know how that coupon chairs and finance coin, if you can get somewhat, like, if those have done really well for investors, they’ve done well for me.

[10:45] They’ve went up in price. So if you can pick up a native coin for free and just sit on it, it’s not a bad idea. Something to look into and think about. I’d don’t really know anything about this exchange so I’m gonna have to do some research and maybe here in the US you can’t even get on it. But something to think about. Anytime you can get some free coins, that’s great. And especially if it’s a exchange token, hit that up. That’s always good. So a switch over here to a trade that I did. Just a small one but a deep brain chain. I trade a lot. I don’t know why, it just, I seem, I have good luck, good luck with it when it came out and then just kind of know the price movements and I know where when it gets super low.

[11:31] But anyway, so I’ve been watching it and just slowly, slowly came down. Uh, we’ll go to the month chart here. Slowly came down. We were up at like 1100 and just over the month that just came down, came down. And I basically told myself when it gets to like 600, I’ll really start paying attention. And it did got to like six a little over the last couple of days. So put a buy order in four, five 69 and it closed on the 29th of June and it went right back up. So that is actually, I’m an up 11 percent right now. Uh, I’ve got in at five slash 69 and it’s at 6:33. So the way this is usually worked for me is you can, if you go to the youtube video, you can see how it, how I do it, but I basically just like here, I bought in at five, 29, sold at six.

[12:26] Oh two, it didn’t keep falling and went back up. So I bought it. And again at 6:43. So that 10, 88, uh, just shout now if numbers. But what I like to do is I’ll sell it and then when it drops some I’ll buy back in, um, or if it keeps running up I’ll buy back in and then just sell it again on a, on a, um, on a run up. And it’s worked really, really well for me. So right now I’m actually looking at 11 percent. I probably once I’m done with this and probably going to sell it and I’m going to probably set a buy order in for, let’s see,

[13:07] probably around six, maybe six or uh, I’d really like to get it out the five. Well, five, 69 again would be fantastic, but I’ll probably set it for like five slash 79 ish. Five 82 was probably where I’ll set it right around there and see what happens. I’ll take the 11 percent that’s, that’s my main thing right now. If I can get, get 11 percent, take it. Uh, it looks like it was actually higher. It was up to six 80 right below, like six 86 70 something. So I might just set a sell order around six, uh, six slash 78. And sell it, and then I’ll put a buyer in for like five, 78. That’s probably what I’ll do there. Um, and odds are it’ll probably close both of them. So that’s awesome. Uh, that’s one thing you should do is just take these small gains.

[14:00] Don’t worry about it. Don’t shoot for the big ones. Eleven percent. I actually was going to sell it when it was at, when I had a seven percent gain. Uh, but I just, where I was at Madora didn’t have any service so I couldn’t but turns out at work. So I better get off this. I have not watched any movies going to go to drastic world tomorrow other than the endless and resolution I’ve, we’ve been gone. So I’m going to probably watch one tonight. I found coersion cohesion. Can’t even remember what it’s called. I gotta look it up. Cohesion, cohesion. I think it’s called. And then we’re going to go to with the kids, right? Liam, right. We’re going to go to Trask Park, right? Liam, right? Yeah. He doesn’t even answer me to hell.

[14:54] You said he hates me. Whatever. He’s seven. Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to him, everybody, and nobody’s talking about anyway

[15:04] with, with, with that,

[15:08] uh,

[15:10] I’ll let you go. What’d you kindly, would you kindly hit that subscribe button, like button whatever. Go check out deep brain chain. If you are looking for quick trade, that might be a good one. This is in financial advice, just my opinion, but with that I’ll talk to you later.

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