Circle Invest, A New Buying App


My cousin informed me of a new app to buy crypto. Circle Invest. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. At first I was pretty pumped.

Why so excited? Glad you asked.

NO BUYING FEES!!!!!!! F**k ya.

With Coinbase I had to pay a purchase fee. It isn’t a large amount, but it adds up. With Circle Invest I don’t have to pay that fu**ing fee.

Then I looked into it more and lost my excitement.

You can’t transfer your crypto off of Circle Invest.

So it is stuck there. No moving it to a wallet or other exchange. It is on the app and that is it. Screw that. That is stupid. As Ron Burgundy says-

I guess this app will work for people who only want to invest in these coins, and if they don’t want to move the coins off the app. This is totally fine and you can save on fees then.

But until I can transfer my coins off, I will not be using this app.

GDAX is still your best bet for having the ability to move your coins and still have low fees.

Not sure why this makes me laugh..




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