Third World Countries Using Crypto, The Endless (Transcript)


Third World Countries Using Crypto, The Endless

[00:00] Welcome to bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and. Oh Man. Trading portfolio crypto in general. Oh my. Yeah, it is a rough. So looking here I am down USD wise to $2,217 and fifty one cents. Yeah. But what really, really hurts is I’m down two point three, seven Bitcoin, uh, I believe last Friday I was at point four four, so it’s been a rough, like six days. Just bitcoin dropped below 6,000 and then promptly jumped back up. But he just kept falling. It uh, it’s been rough. Uh, let’s look here. Let’s look at the seven day. So the biggest loser in seven days shift down 33 point three, six percent. So that’s a, that’s a big fall in, in seven days. If you look at the 30 on that, it’s down 53. So yeah. Awesome. Seven Day on dragon chain. Thirty two percent and 30 percent CSI coin 29 percent.

[01:27] Yeah. It’s just all the way down already in the seven day, the lowest loser in the seven day trend was Kenya coin at nine point five, nine percent. So everything just took a big fall. Uh, yeah. The 30 day loom network’s down 60 percent. That one down hurts. They’re too good thing. I didn’t put too much money in there. Seven days or the 24 hours. Little different celeris up six point eight. But I mean that’s the best. So nothing. I mean if you look to do a day trade, if you look to do a week trade, like seven day tread trade, you just, it just wasn’t happening. Uh, at least on my coins. I had my trading portfolio and the crazy thing is most of these are pretty good. A couple out there. Maybe not so much, but overall they’re pretty decent. Uh, I don’t have any.

[02:33] Can you crazy can your coin is probably my worst one. So that one I kind of took off guys recommendation, did some research. It looked okay, but he was pretty high on it and he’d given me a good recommendation like a month earlier, but no more going on. Recommendations. That’s just hasn’t worked out for me so much. I’m just going on my own stuff from now on. Yeah, trading portfolio. Not looking good. I’m not the only one. Everyone’s is just getting killed right now. It’s one of the downsides of being in so early. You know, you’re just gonna. You’re gonna get beat up for awhile. Longterm long run wise will be all right. Just gonna have to ride her out. Switchover to on chain fx here. Bitcoin has just been playing around here. It’s a 6,100 right now. Six thousand $127. So it was down to like 6,054 really seems to, you know, it goes close to going below six k and then won’t.

[03:41] So it’s just been hanging out there. It’s only up point nine three percent. If theory comes at 4:30, five point three percent. So nothing real crazy. Um, 24 hours. A lot of on chain effects is green, but nothing substantial. Uh, we’d go to the biggest gains of the day. 20 three point three, nine percent. Did you bite? So that one’s been moving around quite a bit that, that one’s been up there before. But other than that, the biggest, the biggest gain is waves at seven point eight five. So made safe six point two, just kinda everything took a big dip and then Kinda didn’t recover the biggest loser data token. I don’t actually know what that is. Ten percent data token. What is it? Data described itself as a blockchain and token that will be used as a use to power a decentralized video streaming and delivery network.

[04:45] Interesting. It looks like it’s been out for like five months and in three months it’s up 38 percent. That’s not too bad with this market could be much, much worse. A and z coin and Ayaan are both down two percent as the top losers. It’s not a lot there. It’s just been a free for all. Basically since Sunday we’ll see what happens. Just keep watching and we look here. A CCN actually had news on that crypto downtrend expected a mid low volume. What can push bitcoin to an all time high and yeah, there’s just not much volume going on in general. A lot of like me who got, who was trading before you kind of got stuck and things move sideways and then just fell super fast so you just don’t really want to sell at a loss. So unless I’m putting in more cash, I’m Kinda just sitting where I’m at and that’s where a lot.

[05:52] So there’s not a lot of volume going on. Uh, you know, I’ll put, I’ll buy more bitcoin and theory in every Wednesday. It’s my by days but not, you know, I’m not buying enough. Throw it in like 10 mil that will really move it. So, you know, the volume of bitcoin right now is three point 2 billion, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not enough to really, really move it up. Too much new money has to come in. Yes. I mean we all kind of know that and really there needs to be something that sparks people’s interest. Again. Um, you know, like everyone says new money for like the, Oh my goodness, I blank the word industrial institutional. There go institutional money has to come in. They’re not really going to come in until things are more, even out regulated. That’s when they’re gonna come in.

[06:55] So really we have some regulation or at least guidelines would really, really help. Um, so we’ll see if that ever happens. A etfs is something they look, they said would help and that would, that’d be great too. So, you know, people are looking at it. Big, big investors, big institutions are looking, but they’re not gonna. They’re not gonna come yet. There they will come in because they want their money, but they’re going to make sure they’re not going to lose their money either. These people are smart. So, uh, another set of news which is pretty sweet and coin telegraph finance is set to launch its first crypto Fiat exchange in Uganda. So for a long, long time, many of us have been saying watch these third world countries, Venezuela, Africa, Greece isn’t so much a third world country, but they’re basically the government collapsed. This is where we’re going to see cryptocurrency take over first.

[08:03] That is where, and it just shows. But by finance it’s even the new platforms called finance Uganda. And first floor away, I love when they use the word foray into Fiat crypto trading, supporting the Ugandan shilling alongside major crypto currencies. So that’s awesome. But what I found really awesome was cz, it’s, I guess they call them Cz and he’s the CEO and founder of finance. What he said is that we think that Crypto, it has a very strong use case in less developed countries. There’s more money to be made in more developed countries, but we want to distribute crypto to the rest of the world. And yes, right now, say if you come to the u s there’s more money here, but there’s more opportunity I would say is the word I’m looking for. Opportunity for Crypto to grow in these third world countries. He knows that.

[09:03] And if he can get a foothold or crypto gets a foothold in these less developed countries where their Fiat currency, the Ugandan shilling right there, their Fiat currency isn’t very strong and people aren’t very happy with it. All of a sudden crypto comes in, people love it. Start using it. It’s going to spread. It’s just how it’s gonna work. Um, people there are going to, they are using it for the most part and a lot of these. So we’ll see. A interesting thing that they had here is that only 11 percent of the population has bank accounts there. So that’s, that’s crazy. That’s, it’s very simple for them to do crypto instead of trying to get people away from banks, they can just be like, here’s this, you got phones, you’ve got Internet access, boom, here’s this done deal. And that’s what’s going to happen.

[10:06] Probably a, at least that’s what I’ve been saying for a long, long time is these third world countries, they’re going to come in and you never know. I mean it’s super farfetched, but it could. If crypto really does take off in the US and these other countries, these big countries are still sitting on the sidelines wondering how they’re going to regulate it, wondering how they’re going to tax it, don’t want to bring it in. All of a sudden these third world countries are going to be using it and then little by little we’re going to be just sitting left on the sidelines. I mean, the US alone, we’re behind in a lot of stuff, especially with the Internet. Internet speeds were just way behind and I hope we don’t fall behind in this, but right now the third world countries, and it’s probably, it’s easier for them honestly, you know, the government there isn’t going to like it, but citizen wise it’s probably super simple for them. You know, let, only 11 percent has a bank account, it’s going to be really easy just to start using crypto. So that’s an interesting thing that I saw today. Side note onto movies. I watched a movie called the endless and it was awesome. So good. Uh, I would highly, highly recommend watching it. It’s um, I don’t really want to say anything. The uh, the synopsis for it just doesn’t do it justice. It doesn’t say what it really is about. Don’t read anything about it. Just go watch it.

[11:48] A little interesting thing though. So their first movie was called resolution and there is a massive, massive sport or not, spoiler massive, like Easter egg into the endless. So if you want, I didn’t know this. I watched the endless first and uh, I still loved it, but then right after I finished it last night, I went, went and watched resolution and I was like, oh my God, that’s so awesome. That’s cool. So I wish I would’ve known I would’ve watched resolution, which is really good at it. It’s not as good but really good as their first movie. I would watch that first. It’s an hour and a half to pretty short. Uh, I would watch that. And then endless that you’re going to get the best experience that way. I think. So there’s two movies for you, but if you only want to watch one watch the endless.

[12:36] I was actually looking up the ending and that’s how I found out about the other one resolution because they, they’re like, they kinda got into how it was a massive like Easter egg. It’s just super smart. It’s a really, really smart movie. Science fiction. I’m not really horror, but definitely mine trip, which I read. You got to think it’s a thinker movie and I love those movies. Um, this is the third movie these guys have done. The second one was spring, which that I’d seen that one and it was good enough for me to like these guys and they’re the directors are actually actors in endless. That’s pretty cool. So check that movie out. I believe you will like it. With that, would you kindly hit that subscribe button like a button? Whatever helps me out a ton and I’m heading off on vacation so I will not be recording in my basement tomorrow, Ray. With that, that’s all I got for you to have a good day. Whatever what time it is, and we’ll talk to you later.

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