A Place To Put My Money


  1. People who talk during a movie in the theatre. (You paid to watch the movie so shut the f**k up)
  2. Selling an alt coin, like NEO, into Bitcoin for profit. Then watching Bitcoin lose value so my profits are now not worth as much. God it sucks.

There was no way around it. You have to sell your coin into either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin and all those move in price.

I mean I love when I sell into Bitcoin and the price goes up. Its profit on top of profit. Like, drinking all your beer and then realizing you have more left. F**k ya.

There is a coin called Tether that stays priced around $1 USD, but it is super sketchy right now.

Now the Bittrex exchange just listed TrueUSD. Its purpose it to not be volatile and stay priced around $1 USD. God, I hope it is legit. From what I have read so far it is.

So now I can take my profits, put it in TrueUSD, and avoid Bitcoin’s volatility while I find a new trade.

Unless I want to live dangerously and try for profit on top of profit. And I probably will sometimes, that is just how I am.

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