$7500 to $50k Part 6


Well hello 5 digits, I love the way you look. Sitting at $11,360.

Wabi came through for me and I got a nice 30% return from that. As I had a much larger amount invested in that from the beginning my return was nice. I sold all but 0.04 btc. Going to see where this coin goes from here.

Pretty pumped about the Wabi investment. Had me a little worried for a while. Patience is key.

I did decide to sell some of my NEO at a 22% profit. I have some in my long-term portfolio already so I just kept a couple more. I couldn’t bring myself to sell it all. I know that is not what I am going for but this coin is too good to sell all of it.

Plus NEO generated GAS for me. Which is another coin I can sell. Whoever came up with the name was not really thinking like I do. I would have loved to be at that meeting. “Hey let’s make a coin and have it generate GAS. Ya that’s a great idea.”

So anyway, I bought into two other coins. Waves and OMG.

These coins would normally be long-term holds but we will see what happens.

Zcoin is starting to piss me off. When I wanted to buy it, it kept going up. Now that I bought, it goes down 18%. Unbelievable. And I said patience is key early, well I must not of listened.

ADA must of know it was getting on my nerves. It went up, so I sold for a 9% profit. I actually will probably buy back into this coin, eventually. Going to watch it for a while first.

Some ups and downs but it is what it is. Still pumped about Wabi either way.

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