$7500 to $50k Part 5


No longer above 5 figures. I liked looking at my portfolio and seeing 5 digits, but that is the way it goes. Currently, I am sitting at $8900.

Bitcoin went down a little which caused my portfolio to go down some.

ADA is still down. Whatever, will just ride this out.

Aion was up 7% so I sold a small amount into Bitcoin. But like I said, the price of Bitcoin went down so it wasn’t worth as much. It happens.

I bought into Solaris and am waiting to see what that does. Looking for a 10-15% return on this. Not going to get greedy.

NEO has been doing pretty well. Trouble I am having on this one is I really like it for a long-term hold. I know I am just trying to build up to $50k so I should sell. But I feel like I can get a much bigger return.

I have to say I am not accustomed to losing almost $2k so quickly. It was damn fun making it though.

Losses like this are just part of the game. I am glad I am getting used to both profits and losses now. The higher my portfolio amount is the bigger gains and losses will be.

This is helping me learn to keep emotions out.

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