$7500 To $50k (Part 15)- 6 Months In


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So here we are. It has been 6 months since I started with a goal of taking $7500 to $50k. My trading portfolio, at the time of writing this, is $2800. Not exactly where I was hoping to be.

Bitcoin currency sits at $6300. This has been the driving force of prices falling. As Bitcoin goes, so does the price. 

Things started off fast. Bitcoin was nearing an all-time high, people were interested, money was coming in. My portfolio got up to $15,500. It looked like I would hit my goal much faster than I had originally thought.

But what goes up must come down.

Everything ran up so fast in price there was no way it could keep it up. It had to correct and consolidate. Long term this is a good thing, short term it hurts a bit.

So does it sound like I am depressed, really down about this? If so, then here is the twist.

I am fine with where things sit. Actually, I am pretty f**king pumped since I could be worse off.

Here is why I feel this way.

I am only down 0.22 Bitcoin, which is only 34% from what I started with.

The way the markets are I could be down much more. Many coins have lost half their value or more. Bitcoin alone has fallen 68%. 34% doesn’t seem so bad when looking at it like that.

My main goal is to accumulate more Bitcoin. The more Bitcoin I can get, the closer I get to my goal of $50k. When Bitcoin’s price goes up, so does my portfolios cash value.

It looks like it will take me longer to get to $50k than I first thought. This is the only thing that somewhat discourages me. I can not make the prices go up. What I can do is keep working at it. 

Make trades when I can, take smaller gains and get there little by little.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

So keep following along. Learn from my experiences, both good and bad.

When the goal of $50k is reached, we can all celebrate together.

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