$7500 to $50k Part 13- Big Gain


My Portfolio- https://cointracking.info/portfolio/bitbetterhavemymoney

If you do not want to read video is below.

The picture sums it up. The market is moving up, at least for now, and it feels good. Sitting at $5200, up $1k in little more than a day.

I am still down in many coins as you can see in the portfolio, BUT, some are not. Especially one of them.

Honestly, I have not been looking at my portfolio much until the last couple weeks. There was not a point. Not much difference finding out if I am down 50% or only 45%.

Then I looked closer yesterday and saw GRS. It was up 77%. Holy s**t, were my exact words.

Many people would sell everything at this point, but I like to do something different. If you start trading, it is a good way to build your portfolio.

Instead of selling everything, I take out my initial investment with a little profit.

This leaves coins behind that I can hold long term. It is like free money. At this point it doesn’t really matter if it goes up or down. Obviously I am hoping for up.

The money I got back I invest in another coin. Then I just do the same thing, over and over.

Here is a pic…

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