$7500 To $50k Part 12- Pornhub And Crypto???



Video is on the bottom of the page.

Broke $4k as I am writing this. I know its not $15k like it was. But its also now $3300 anymore. Lots and lots of green. So much nicer seeing that then a red blood bath.

It feels so good. Like I imagine a massage would feel like, but I hate massages so I wouldn’t know.

Feels like the market might be making a comeback. But it could also be a nasty trick. There has been positive news along with the movement up. I need to see it continue before I get really excited.

Been trading much more frequently now, almost daily with DBC, Dragonchain, and now Power Ledger. I forgot the stress that can come with trading. But I am getting back in the groove of it.

Now for why you probably came to read this. I mentioned Pornhub. Now I did NOT know what Porhub was, I had to look it up.

Ok, so I knew what Pornhub was, only because showed me though lol.

Anyway, Pornhub is now accepting Verge Coin and payment. This is a very big deal.

The porn industry leads the way in many things. Online instant credit card transactions came about because of the porn industry, and then e-commerce adopted it.

Porn has pretty much created and blew up all payment methods, all video methods, and all advertising methods. So the fact that they are taking cryptocurrency is a big step.

I am sure many other companies and industries will be watching how this works for them. If it all goes well I see other places following in Pornhub’s footsteps.

And now an internet gem….

Funny on so many levels.


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