How To Evaluate A Cryptocurrency


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Researching a coin takes a ton of time.  What if there was a way to speed up that process? What if there was something to show you how to evaluate a cryptocurrency?

Well, there is. I will show you some things you can check right away to save time looking at coins.

1. Check For A Beta or Demo

If there is a beta or demo use it. This will allow you to see the product in action. If it sucks, is confusing, or just doesn’t work it can tell you a lot. If you do not like it, then why would you invest in it?

2. GitHub

Go to the projects GitHub site. See how often they have commits and are checking in. If there have not been any in months, this can be a red flag. If they are active, that is a positive sign.

3. Search For Info

A good place to start is their website. They will often have videos explaining the project and what they are trying to do. If there are none on the website check YouTube. It is always good to find videos created by the actual team. Then you can check other websites or places you get information.

4. Token Distribution

Seeing where they allocated the tokens is important. You do not want to see the team keeping them all. Check to see if the tokens are vested for a period of time for the team before they can sell. Make sure where the tokens are going is useful and helping the project long term.

5. Look At Team

Look at the team and check their linkedin account. Odds are you will not know any of the people on the team and that is fine. Just make sure they are legit. You do not want to see that they have no experience with technology.

6. What Is It Solving

Ask yourself what the project does, how it works, benefit of the project, is there a real-world problem it can solve? These questions can tell you if the project has value and use.

7. Competition

Find out if there is any competition and what their value is. If the competition is valued way less than the project you are looking at, this is a red flag. You want them to be valued somewhat similar.

8. Roadmap

When looking at the roadmap you do not want to see things too far out. For example you do not want to see the product coming out in 2025. Things should be realistic and not too far out.

9. Market Cap

The market cap for a coin can differ for each product. Looking at the competitions market cap can give you an idea of where it should be. You do not want to see such a large market cap that the price will never move and can become worthless. The more of something the harder it is to move the price.

10. Check Network Of Friends

It is always good to have a network of friends or people you can ask questions too. They may have some insight that you did not think of. One that I use is AboveCrypto. They have a free Discord channel where I can ask questions. Reddit is also a place to ask questions, but the info can be hit or miss.

When looking into all of this be skeptical and make them prove their product to you. Not all the things on the list will check out and that is OK, but most of them should.

If something is missing or looks bad make, your decision from there if you want to go on. If you really like some of it, but not others it is up to you.

Investing is always a decision.






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