Zcoin Masternode


A few days ago Matt got in touch with me and said we need to get a Znode for zcoin. I had seen this mentioned in a few articles but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. After looking it up I told him this is something we need to do.

To be able to have a Znode we need to own 1000 zcoins. At the time the zcoin was trading for $22. 1000 x $22 = $22,000. So we each needed to come up with $11,00. This is a lot of money and definitely out of my price range. But the benefits of owning one made it worth trying to come up with my half.

What makes it worthwhile is that Znodes will receive 15 zcoins from each block reward, or 30 percent. To put it in terms I understand, we get 1000 zcoins, set up the znode, and let the zcoins fall into our pockets.

Looking at my finances I can put together $2000 and have just enough left over for bills. But that leaves me $9,000 short. I start to run through options in my mind, take out a loan from the bank, crowdsource the money, sell crack. None of these options are worth pursuing.

Dave Chappelle as Tyrone

The best option I have is to ask friends or family to either invest with me or loan me the money. After agonizing over this decision I decide to do just that, ask certain friends and family that may want to take this opportunity. After explaining what Matt and I want to do I am able to come up $9,000 from people.

If you come across something that you believe is a good deal or has the chance to help out financially go for it. Do your research, learn everything you can, and then figure out how to get it done.

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