Where To Get Information


I sit down at the computer ready to learn about bitcoin, alt coins, and the cryptocurrency world. I bring up google and type getting started in cryptocurrency. The screen shows many different articles.

Some are just terrible, some are useful, others are not even about cryptocurrency. This already seems like a lot of work. And it was. But here are some ways to get educated.

This blog obviously. This is what I am intending to do. I want to help you get into this world as easy as possible. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them. I want to keep learning new things and then pass them off to you. Everyone is busy, I want you to come here and get what you want in one easy place.

AboveCrypto http://abovecrypto.com is a great source of info. They have a free newsletter and a great community on Discord. I am currently a moderator on their Discord channel

With that said here are some other ways that can help you gain more knowledge.

YouTube. There are many different people with channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. 

Reddit is a double edged sword. I did not have a reddit account so when I sent one up I only subscribed to cryptocurrency threads. There is information here but there is also a lot of junk.

Facebook groups are also good places to get information but some are better than others. As with reddit some info is good and some bad.

Podcasts are a great way to get information easily. I currently am subscribed to 7 different ones. The two I listen to the most are Crypto Bobby and The Bad Crypto Podcast. I prefer Crypto Bobby as he does one almost everyday and they are all short.

Coinmarketcap and Onchainfx are two websites I go to everyday. They have almost all the coins listed on here and have direct links to their websites. There are charts, daily numbers, and many other useful types of information.

This will get you a good start on finding information. You will find what works for you the more time you put into it.

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