How I Got Started In Crypto


A friend of mine posted on Facebook about bitcoin. It basically said to get in now, no matter how much money you had it was worth investing any amount you could. It peaked my interest as he is a smart guy. I have three kids so money is always tight. I got in touch with him to get more info.

I didn’t realize you didn’t need to buy an entire bitcoin. You could buy portions of one. I could invest with any amount I wanted. I had just worked for my grandma and had $1000 of extra income. I was going to pay off some more of my student loans with it but decided to invest instead.

My friend told me about Coinbase, which is where I could buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. He gave me a list of different cryptocurrencies he recommended as well. I had known about bitcoin but had no idea there were other crypto’s out there. This peaked my interest so I started to do research.

I started googling all the different crypto’s on his list. From there I went on YouTube, then reddit, and then any website I found. I found other crypto’s that were not on his list. I found out about exchanges where I could buy and sell all the types of crypto’s. I saw profits people were making and was amazed.

After spending a good amount of time down the rabbit hole I was hooked. Nowhere else could I find an opportunity like this. I had looked at the stock market but I didn’t have the type of money it would take to really get started. My $1000 was more than enough to get started in crypto.

So I kept doing research until I had several crypto’s I liked that I wanted to buy. Some were on my friends list and some were not. I used $400 of my $1000 to buy bitcoin. The other $600 i put into six other coins.

I have had several good returns, some small losses, and others stayed the same. I am up in profit overall. My initial plan of investing was to just hold everything. Now I am starting to buy and sell more often. Not daily but a few times a month.

I am extremely happy with with the opportunity cryptocurrencies have given me. Even if you don’t want to buy and sell it is still worth getting into just to hold onto your coins. You don’t need spend a lot of time researching as bitcoin is a good place to start. From there you can always diversify into other crypto’s. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you.

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