Enough Waiting, Time To Be Proactive


With the dip we are in I have not been doing much trading. Mainly been buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on buy days and that is it.

Most of my other trades are down and I don’t want to sell at a loss.

Many people say just wait it out. Some people are not putting any more cash into the market. 

The trades I am in now I am going to wait it out. It will come back. But f**k this dip.

My new strategy for the dip.

In my mind this is what I am doing to the dip. But I do actually have a realistic plan.

With my buy days I have some Bitcoin just sitting in my long-term portfolio and I have some cash saved up.

I am going to take some of my Bitcoin, not all, and the cash and invest in a few coins that I already own. 

The coins I own I like, they are down in price. It is a perfect time to buy.

By doing this, I can be actively trading again. I am tired of sitting there and just watching the f**king prices.

Most of these investments are not going to be long term. I am going to take profits whenever I can. 

Because of this damn dip it seems like coins rise and then fall immediately. I am going to use that to my advantage to sell and then buy back in.

So here is what I think of the dip now.

Doing this will also allow me to continue learning. These investments are not going to be large. Looking to invest between $200-400. 

But by actually doing something instead of waiting I can make money while waiting for the market to return.

Here is another one….

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