Enough Waiting, Time To Be Proactive (Part 2) Take The Small Gains


So with this dip going on I have decided to be more aggressive. Instead of just watching prices and doing nothing, I am going to put more money in. 

Got to make it rain somehow.

I had some DBC I was holding long term. I had already made $1500 on a $400 investment so it was just sitting there. I took the 8% profit and sold.

This gave me a little over 0.011 BTC or like $80. F**king look out, big money coming through.

I know, many will read that and be like “what the hell is the point of doing that?”

Well, there is a point.

How many of you have invested anything today?

Doing this is still making me money, maybe small amounts, but it adds up. Everyone keeps looking for the huge gains. Why not take the small ones that are there?

It sounds so dumb but, every little bit will add up to a lot. It is so simple but many people don’t do it, including me, until now.

You do not become a millionaire overnight, most of the time anyway.

Anyway, let me get off the pedestal. I took the $80, lol, and invested in a coin I like, but am down quite a bit in.


I do like this coin, I think it is going to be a good long-term hold. But my initial investment is down ohhhhhhh, like 70%. Sh*t.

I bought more Dragonchain and what does it do…….goes down 15%. Sh*t.

Now writing this I go to look at the price…...and I am up 11%. 

Ok, I am back. Had to sell and set another buy order. Took my 0.011 to 0.012 BTC and gained 2 more shares of the coin. Set a buy order for below my last buy in price, and will gain some more shares that way.

I was actually going to talk about another trade I did but this is enough of you reading this for now.

But see how easy that was. These little bits will add up.

It may not seem like much now, BUT, when the price of Bitcoin goes up. And it will. I will have made more money than it looks like now.

Take the small profits and let them accumulate for you.

And again another internet gem……..


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