Buying For My Sister


After talking to my sister about Bitcoin she decided to invest herself. Following what I learned from My Original Buying Plan I followed my own advice.

I recommend to get at least $500 into bitcoin. She had the money ready to go so we went ahead with a plan in mind. We were going to do one buy for $250. Then wait a few days to a week and then buy the other $250.

She got in at a good price with her initial buy. Over the following four days Bitcoin kept rising steadily. It leveled off and started to drop a little. We decided to buy the other $250 at that time.

If I would of put all her money in at the beginning with one buy, she would’ve made more money and not been pissed at me.

But there is no guarantee that it will go up. It could of just as easily went down. You can try and tell her that.

My wife was there when I made the second buy and reminded me that she had told me to go all in when we first bought.

We would of made more money and my sister would have as well if I did that for her.

There are people who do like going all in at once. They don’t have to worry about making more than one purchase. If the price goes up then it is definitely better. But again, there is no guarantee it will go up.

For myself, I prefer to do more than one buy. All in all, my sister is happy. She doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. At least until I tell her it is time to buy more, or even some other Alt coins.

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