$7500 To $50k Part 9


Hell yaaaaa, I just doubled my money. $15,432.

It feels so good. Feels like crawling into bed with the wife, right before she tells you to go away.

It was not easy. I didn’t just randomly invest in things and get lucky. It took a shit ton of time.

Reading about coins, watching prices, finding buy and sell points, and then more research.

But it is also something anyone can do. I had never done any of this stuff before.

I took the time and learned. Now it is paying off.

Maybe I should convert some into cash. I mean I did just double my money, and it is a fairly sizeable amount. I have a lot of things I could do with that amount of money.

But I won’t because that is not my goal for this. Going to keep doing what I am doing and see what happens.

Now for the numbers.

Bought more Cindicator. Needed 5000 to get alerts from their trading bot. I only need to buy 1000 more to get access and wanted to see how it works. After buying went up 8%.

Waves up 14% and sold. Bought back in on a dip and increased holdings.

Bought into Wings. Up 5% but holding for now.

Bought Civic. Sold when up 35%. Bought back in when it fell.

Vechain up 27%.

Most of my investments are up right now at least a little. Which is what made the jump in my portfolio happen.

To read Part 8 http://bitbetterhavemymoney.com/7500-to-50k-part-8/

Now for the pic…..

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