Where To Make Purchases And How To Find The Exchange


I want to buy IOTA. It is not on Coinbase. Well, where the hell is it. This is what was in my head when attempting to make this purchase. Coins are not all in one place unfortunately and you have to find where they are at.

Places you can buy coins at are called exchanges. There are many different exchanges. Some are reputable and some are not. More are opening everyday. Now I stay away from one’s that have recently opened. For a more in detail explanation of this read my AEX post. But a short version is I had a hard time getting my money out.

But there are very good exchanges out there and the two I use the most are Bittrex and Binance. Bittrex is my main trading exchange as they have most of the coins I want. Binance has an app for the phone which makes buying and selling extremely easy. I also use Kucoin because they generally get coins that are very new or are not that well known as of now.

An extremely easy way I find out where the coin I want is listed, is go to coinmarketcap.com. Then search the coin you want.


Click on Markets.

These are all the exchanges that you could buy IOTA at. This process can be done for almost any coin.

As I stated above there are many exchanges. Some other well used exchanges are Binance, Bittrex, and Coinbase. If you are going to use others make sure to do research on the exchange before doing anything. Google the exchange, check twitter, reddit, facebook, or any other source of information you have.

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