Passive Income With Crypto (Transcript)


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[00:00] Welcome to bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and wearing sweet fedex shared again. God, I don’t Stupid v neck. It’s just ridiculous. It looks stupid. I hate it. But past that it’s been super hot. One hundred seven here today. Oh, is miserable. Miserable. Uh, let’s take a quick look at my trading portfolio here. And the goal with this trading portfolio, uh, for anyone new is I started off with 7,500 and I sold some coins. I had support profit. Took that 7,500 and then I decided to set a goal of taking it to 50,000. So this is just my trading portfolio and um, I have another portfolio with long terms I really don’t touch. I just, I really don’t even look at it too much. I don’t really plan on, on selling any of them, especially now. But um, yeah. So the goal is go 7,500 to 50 k and started out awesome.

[01:01] Of course the market was, was going up, got up to about 15, five, 15,500. And then that was about January, February. And then it’s slowly fell. And right now we’re at 3,300, so I’ve lost about 50 percent, which I’m not real worried about it because the profits I had, I kept rolling into other coins and I’m probably going to have to consolidate here, but I’m not going to do it with the market down because a lot of the investments I did move into are down and I’m just gonna wait it out, but we’ll do a quick rundown. And you were at 3,300 today, so I think yesterday was like 37, so last about 400 bucks today. That’s why you can’t just dwell in the minutia of it. Um, the trading portfolio, I do obviously look at more often to see what is happening. But uh, if we look through here to day wise, 24 hour trend, not a lot going on GCR, which there’s only like last I looked, I looked yesterday with the volume for that was like $4,700, which is just ridiculously small amount of volume.

[02:16] So that’s a dangerous, dangerous one if you want to move. I’ve been in it for awhile, but if you tried to move into it now, there’s some quick profit and quick losses that could happen today. It’s down 18 percent overall for 30 days. It’s down 29 percent. And just about a week ago it was up. Oh Man. Maybe like 100, a hundred percent. Uh, so it’s, it’s taken some drastic moves. That’s one of the bigger move moves humanic eight percent for the day. Nothing really going up. The highest one that’s moved up is, I believe crypto 20. And that’s up nine point six, one percent. Um, so, uh, and in the last hour it’s up five percent. So that’s the biggest mover on my portfolio so far. Um, GCR being the lowest. The rest of your about, you know, up around two percent or down around five percent. So just kind of sitting in there and not doing a whole bunch a over on, on chain affects bitcoins just at 7,600. Hasn’t really moved today if theory and moved up one percent at six. Oh, six, $606. So I’m top gainers here. GX is up 15 gx chain, which describes itself as a blockchain based decentralized data exchange designed to set up a bridge between data sources released on different platforms. Um, so yeah, that is up 15 percent in six months. It’s up 47 percent. So good for that one.

[03:56] There we go. BNB finance coin, that’s up eight percent. That’s good. Looks like basic attention token down three percent. That’s one of the top losers, three percent on that metal, three percent zen cash down 11. Uh, and that was, you know, had that 51 percent attack, so some weird stuff going on with their, you know, without attack going on 11 percent down in 24 hours isn’t that bad. So that seems to be hanging in there. People like that coin. So I really don’t see them, see them selling it because of that. That’s just my opinion. Uh, but let’s move on to passive income in cryptocurrencies. Now, there are ways besides trait, you know, buying and selling and trading in general to earn an income and crypto and there are a few different ways. So you could run a master node, which for to run a master node, you have to have a certain amount of coin that coin designate, so it could be like 500,000, 10,000, but you have to have that amount and then you own, you earn coins in that coin for running the node and some are more, give you a better return than others.

[05:20] We’ll go into some of that here in a second. The other one is staking the coin and basically you buy a coin, put it in their wallet and you stake it and you will, you will get the more coins you have, the better your chances of earning the coins. So it’s basically based on how many you have. Um, basically proof of stake blockchains are created by holding cryptocurrencies in the wallet. In this model, the more coins you stake, the bigger chances are that your wallet was solved. The next block earning you more coins. So it does depend on the amount you have in the first place, but it’s, it’s a way, uh, some of the other ones, like I’ve staked a couple that uh, if you take them for a certain amount of time, you will earn coins like one I staked for a year and I gained 20 percent on that year just for holding onto it.

[06:16] Uh, so you can check into that most if not all of them have to be held in that coins wallet to prove that you own it. And that it staked some offer dividends, um, again, have to be kept in the wallet specifically for that coin. And basically you earn payments dividends by holding the coins. And this is kind of done for a, obviously it can have a greater price stability because if you’re earning money from holding them, why, why are you gonna? Are you going to sell it? And the profits are based on the number of shares you hold. So a couple coins here that this website running invest But Neo neo is really good one, I actually own some neo and you generate gas just for holding neo and you used to have to hold it in the neon wallet. You do not anymore.

[07:11] A coin allows you to generate gas on the exchange, I believe by financing bittrex do now as well. So just by Neil will allow you to have gas, which I want to know who came up with it like let’s just call it gas. So it’s just whatever, um, but gas is actually in demand and has a price of its own. So that’s actually pretty good. And it depends how much, how many neo neo coins you own a how much gas you generate a coupon chairs. That’s when actually I really like, I bought into that a long time ago when Ku coin kind of just came out and you actually um, so 50 percent of the urn transaction fees are rewarded to Ku coin holders on a daily basis. It’s really cool. You get a lot of coins doing that and that can also be a downside.

[08:04] So I’ve generated a ton of just random coins from holding these Ku coin shares and sometimes they’re in such a small fragment that you cannot sell them, so they may just sit there. I haven’t looked for awhile to see if they have a way to sell these minutia shares that you get. But basically I’ve just, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m just going to let them build up and eventually, you know, I can just sell them even if it’s five, 10 bucks. But some of these have read that I’ve gotten, like I’ve gotten some Bitcoin, I believe, uh, I haven’t looked for a while. There’s so many of them, a z coin, just a bunch of stuff. Um, it, it, it’s Kinda random. It’s basically what, what gets sold on the, on the, uh, exchange that day. Uh, the percentage will decrease over time, but the transaction volumes are expected increase.

[09:00] So, you know, could even itself out. But, and shares and the price of Cu coin shares has gone up. Arc is one I own. You have to hold it in the arc wallet. Um, pivots is one I did not know about. Uh, I had never even really looked too much into pivots, but that’s proof of stake. You can hold onto that. Um, so a couple of the other coins here that they have listed v chain, you can get thor with that lisc Cordato a stellar lumens icon, which stellar lumens. I do not, I have stellar lumens and it’s just sitting in the wallet. So I’m actually going to have to look at that today or tomorrow and I will let you know how that goes. I same with that. I icon and it is a long term hold of mine as was stellar lumens. So I need to look into that more.

[09:46] And that’s one of the things you should think about. Um, a lot of these, even if they didn’t have something like this before, a lot of these coins are starting to come out with it now. So like stellar Lumens, I did not know until I started looking, looking stuff up for this. So check on the coins you own and find out. So let’s go over to a master node. So there are a couple, one in particular, um, master nodes online master, and this is a good website. I check it out. I actually own a master node. A friend of mine went in, me and I, him and I went in on a master node for z coin awhile back and it was fairly expensive, but um, it returns right now according to this website returns 30 percent. So we bought in around $30 a coin and you have to hold a thousand coins to run a node.

[10:42] So we split it and it actually ran up to $150. So we were sitting pretty good profit but we did not sell because we want to get our CSI coin for running the note. And that’s the great thing about these master nodes and passive incomes. Usually we would have, like if we weren’t running the masters, no, we would have sold our coins 100 percent. You buy in at 30 and it runs up to 1:50, you’re probably going to sell. But we didn’t, we didn’t even think about it. We’re running this node so it, it gives these coins some stability, uh, but on this master nodes online, if you go on there and look, I’m looking at it right now, and like dash for example, to buy a dash node would cost $317,000. You’ll get a return of six point nine, eight percent and then you need to hold a thousand coins like pivots.

[11:32] I actually looked into pivots, I ju, I looked into that a long time ago, but it required 10,000 coins, 10,000 coins to, to hold it. And right now it looks like you’d have to be about $37,000 to buy one z coin, $27,000 a cyst, coins a 12 percent. But let’s go look at some. There are a lot of them on here and you’d want to be careful. Some of them are just complete crap coins that you probably aren’t gonna do anything, but if you play it right, you know, you might be able to make some money off of it. Uh, so rescore like high temperature coin. Um, right now you could buy one for $5,000 and the return on investment is 5,290 percent. So I don’t know how that’s possible, but apparently it is. And if you scroll, they’re all punt a bunch, you know, they’re all different prices.

[12:30] I used to look at this quite a bit. I haven’t for awhile, but um, here’s one for $1,500. Agius a, you can buy it for 1500 bucks. You’ve got a 5,000 coins and it says as 798 percent return or 790 percent return on investment. Um, you know, some have 800 percent return on investment. Thirty one percent, 554 percent. Uh, but there’s all sorts of on here. My friend actually bought into a four node and that cost 16 grand right now a return on investment of that is 39 percent and that is actually outperforming our CSI coin node, which is quite surprising to me. I did not know that until he told me that. So four is one to kind of, you could look into. I’m scrolling through a lot of these are just crazy solaris. I knew about that. Solaris would be a good one.

[13:20] You could buy that for 4,000. Return on investment is 50 or 52 percent and Solaris people really like Solaris. So that’s one you could look at, but I encourage you to kind of at least look at your coins, not kind of. I would encourage you to look at your coins, see if any of them will allow staking to get some, especially if you’re not looking at selling them. Um, and you’re just holding them anyway. Put them in, put them in, in the wallet. That is one of the downsides though, and one of the reasons I haven’t, and I’m going to start doing better about it is I didn’t want to get all my coins and all these different wallets and just a lot of movement. That’s why I bought a trailer so I can keep them all in one spot if possible, but I’m going to actually start looking, especially my longterm ones, putting them in the wall.

[14:11] It’s made by the coins so I can get these returns for an in case I’m not doing anything with them. You know, the long longterm holds. You’re just going to hold on to him anyway. Might as well as get some free coins. Um, well I really do encourage you to look at this master node list. Be careful. A lot of them, like I said, are kind of crap coins, but there are some that are legit and that you could get in at really cheap. You’re going to have to do some research for some of the more well known ones. There are groups out there like a friend of mine, we went half and half on the z coin node. So if you, if you know or have a group of people that you trust, you can split a note up and, and go in on it together.

[14:55] Uh, there are groups out there that allow you to pool resources to go into a node, but be careful with them. You know, obviously you don’t want to send your money to somebody and they never get anything back. So be careful with that. Uh, but with that said, you know, there are ways besides I’m buying a house and then renting it out to have passive income, uh, especially with the, with crypto industry and who knows, maybe the one you get into hits it big and you gained all these free coins and you have all this free money now. Uh, that’s the dream, isn’t it? That’s why we’re doing it with that. Uh, I hope it gave you some things to think about and some research to do. I’m going to look into some more of this, especially with a stellar lumens a and get my coins working for me.

[15:42] But with that, would you kindly hit that subscribe button and I was going to go mow the lawn, but I’m not going to, uh, we’re going to go on a side note here quickly about a movie I watch. I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of the universal soldier movies. I’m back, man. I can’t remember. I’m going to check it real quick, but the first one had um, universal or as universal soldier had John Claude van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. And I am a huge, huge John Claude van Damme Fan. Uh, he, he was like my hero back in the day. I’m not going to lie. I loved him, loved him. I got into taekwondo because of, because of John Claude van Damme, I’ve actually got my black belt and everything came out in 1992 a. it’s a corny movie. I haven’t seen it in years and I’m sure it does not hold up.

Roland Emmerich was the director that I did not know. Holy cow, you know, he did Independence Day Godzilla day after tomorrow. But anyway, so I knew about this movie and I was doing some research and one of the movies I was trying to find movies I haven’t seen great action movies I hadn’t seen. And Universal Soldier Day of reckoning was on a website. So I figured what the heck, I’ll try it out. Van Dam’s in it again, Dolph Lundgren. And Wow. It was awesome. It was a really, really good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still kind of a b movie. It’s not like going to be an award winner, but if you want a good action movie with a good story, checkout universal soldier, day of reckoning, you will have their whole, my God, there is such a good fight scene with baseball bats. It’s, it’s worth checking out. All right. I will let you guys go. I hope you have a good day and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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