Transfer Bitcoin With Less Fees


Your Bitcoin is sitting in Coinbase and you want to move it to another exchange. But the transfer fee is ridiculously high. Lets transfer bitcoin with less fees and use GDAX.

Coinbase and GDAX are owned by the same company, so if you have a Coinbase account you already have a GDAX account.

Click sign in, in the top right of the screen. Log in with your Coinbase account info. You will then get this screen.

Click the Deposit tab, which will take you to this next screen.

Make sure to click the Coinbase Account tab. Now for the actual transfer.

Your amount of Bitcoin in Coinbase will be shown in the Source section. In the Amount section enter the amount you want to transfer to GDAX. It can be all of it, or just some of it. When you have the amount entered, click Deposit Funds.

Your Bitcoin will then show up in your BTC balance.

You are now able to transfer your Bitcoin to another exchange, without having to pay such a high fee.

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  1. Very Helpful Mitchell! I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into helping your readers.

    Do you have any other Prefered exchanges and would you prefer one over another depending on amounts transferred (base fee’s etc)?

    Or is there a good resource on exchange fees anywhere?

    Thanks again!

    • Hey just saw your comments. Still learning how all this blog stuff works. You are actually the only one who knows its up and running lol. Going to send out links soon. Appreciate the feedback. There is not a good resource that i know of for exchange fees. I will make one, thats a great idea. I use GDAX mainly for all my USD transfers and BTC buys. Fees are reasonable. For all the other Alt coins i just buy on whatever exchange they are on. Mainly use Bittrex, Kucoin, and Binance.