Bitcoin Makes Big Jump, Several Trades Done (Transcript)


Bitcoin Makes Big Jump, Several Trades Done

[00:00] Welcome to bit better have my money. I am Mitchell Stulken and today, today is a pretty awesome day. Pretty Awesome Day. Twenty $5 million. Got Added to bitcoin today. Bitcoin went up. Well where’s it at? We’re at 7,300. So let’s take a quick look at the trading portfolio quick and a quick twice there. Anyway, we’re up now I’m switching. I’m using delta now. I got sick of using a, for those of you watching the videos, which probably aren’t many right now, but uh, I switched to Delta from coin tracking, queen track, you know, probably still use for tax purposes, but Delta is just so much easier, better. Uh, but uh, I’m back up to, I think it was down to like point three to bitcoin which sucked, but I’m a point for backup. Uh, and that is 2,900 almost shit. Woo. Just jumped up to 1,991 up $302 today.

[01:09] Almost three K we’re moving, moving on, up. Moving on up. It’s awesome. Jefferson’s again, so happy day obviously, but a day like this just shows how quickly things can move up and how you’re, even if you’re down quite a bit, things can change very fast and if you’re on like reddit for example, or just. I mean even me for I am happier mood, but um, yeah, the, the sentiment has shifted, at least for today. If it crashes down tomorrow, everyone’s going to be talking the same. That’s, you got to try and stay even about it. That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s down. Okay. Whatever. It’s going to come back. Something that you might want to remember that I heard someone say if you knew like, and I think I’ve said it before to a repeated when I heard it, but anyway, if you knew something like bitcoin was going to be, let’s say 20,000, I have no doubt it’s going to hit 20,000 again.

[02:14] If you knew right now bitcoin was going to hit 20,000 eventually and it’s at 7,300. What would you do differently? I have no doubts it’s going to hit 20, 20 k. I think it’s going to go higher, so I’ve been adjusting, you know, trying. I’ve been accumulating more bitcoin is, that’s just my goal and I will show you how some of the things that done made bunches of trades. But let’s look through here. Ayaan, that’s up five percent. Cart Dano. That’s up five percent. That’s a good one. Civics up six. Dragon chain moved up 10. I’m Kinda Kinda down see what some of the other ones in the trading loom is up seven. I’ll get into that one. Power Ledger has had a huge lately that’s up like 47 percent on the week. So that’s pretty crazy. Salt up 25 percent today. So overall that’s good. Strat up 11.

[03:11] Uh, those are some of the higher ones. A Beach v changes hasn’t done well for me. I’ll get into that too. That’s down four percent. Uh, everything else. Neo two percent. That’s not a big deal. That good. That kinda stays even ether four percent. Honestly. I thought there’d be. Usually when bitcoin goes down, the ARV, bitcoin goes up, the alt coins go down. But from some of the things that had been reading, it looks like a lot of money that came in was possibly institutional money. I don’t know exactly how people know that for sure, but that’s the word on the street and I couldn’t make sense of why. I mean, let’s switch over to, on chain fx and see what they got there. So bitcoin, yeah, up at 7,000, 350, two up nine percent today. Etherium at five. Oh, two up five percent. Uh, so let’s look through top gainers to the day. Salt. Thirty five percent man at 24 percent zen sure. Zen Cash, son of a beach. Uh, uh, ouch up 20 percent on the day. Let’s swing over here. And uh, I think it’s still in here. Maybe. Maybe. I actually just, I just sold zen cash, I believe.

[04:54] Not yesterday, the day before. I was up like 84 percent. Something like that. So figure it out. I’ll take that. And it looks like it went up 20 percent today. Oh, whatever. Lost 20 percent there. But how do you know? Still, you know, like I say, pay attention to what you have, not what you could have. So I’m, I’m happy it could, it very easily went the other way. So I got profit off of it over the year. It’s up 550 percent, month up 35 percent. So I didn’t give 550 percent, but I was like at 84, 86, something like that. So salt or up 20 percent [inaudible] 20 percent dragon chain, 20 percent. The biggest loser today is actually pay 10 x pay. That is down eight point five percent according to on chain effects. So that isn’t too bad. That. Let’s see here. That might be the only one down. Yep. That’s the only one down right now on chain effects and I’m going to have to look, is this on hourly? I got to find out how delta changes. Let me check here. Let’s see why syndicator on Nios on there. Let’s check neo. So Neil is, where is it? Neo is according to mind. Two point two, five percent. So let’s see what on Shane Fx has. This is out of curiosity. Neo Up 24 hours, six point eight, one percent interesting. Delta updating faster. I don’t know. Let’s click on it and check.

[06:48] Yeah. Says Delta on a. That could be overall in general, uh, on, uh, on chat or on Delta. I’m looking at the finance chart. I assume on chain fx does aggregated from everybody probably. So something to be aware of there. I did not know that uh, with Delta. So FYI for you. But yeah, that’s an awesome, awesome day. See all this green and what’s interesting about that bitcoin dominance up 45 percent, which is not anything you know, alarming. You’d think that with the big, I mean nine point nine percent change in 24 hours is a pretty big move for Bitcoin, but usually usually when bitcoin jumps like that, all the coins fall. So it’s pretty crazy and awesome to see everything green on, on chain effects. It’s just not usually how it works. Maybe things are changing. I don’t know, you know, it’s such a young, young market. We’ll see. I’m going to have to kind of look into that more, you know, just saw happen today. Um,

[08:04] but maybe people are just buying in more. That’s very interesting. I never look at this on, on Shane fx before I do this because I like to get my, my reaction for you. It’s more realistic and I am super, super surprised right now that everything is green with that big jump in bitcoin. That’s great. I love to see that. Uh, so maybe maybe things have turned around. Prices were pretty low for a lot of these things so it’s not surprising to see. But let’s look at a couple trades I did here. We will go to deep brain chain. I’m actually in one right now. I bought it at five slash 79. That’s been down like five slash 20, but I don’t really care cause yeah I bought it in [inaudible] 79. I don’t really care. Uh, that one always comes back yesterday. So yesterday I was talking to some friends about Ios and I just

[09:08] finally, you know, they did the main for August for those who don’t know, they switched, you had registered or coins or lose it. So I did all that. And then, um, so I went with looking for my coins and what a pain in the ass that was, you have to download their wallet, which I didn’t know, so I, I was searching around and finally someone on Reddit, it’s like, oh, you gotTa Download Simple Eos, uh, which I’ll bring up here for those. But it’s simple. Well, it’s a m, P, l capital e, capital o, capital s for those of you. So if you haven’t done it, there you go. Anyway, you download that Eos,, simple eos, download it. And then hopefully, hopefully when you registered your coins, you wrote down somewhere the private key. And that is where you can get into the actual wallet. If you don’t have the private key, you’re screwed.

[10:09] So hopefully you did. I did. Finally, after an hour of figuring out, looking for the key. And uh, yeah. So then it turns out they stake so many of your coins automatically, which if you’re going to hold longterm, that’s awesome. But to unstick them it takes three days. So after all that, I decided, screw it, I’m selling ios. They’ve had a lot of bad publicity. It’s up 11 percent over the three day. Uh, so I sold Ios. It’s up three percent today. I was up. Uh, yeah, like 88 percent, 87 percent, something like that. So I sold all those except for four. I’m waiting three days for A. I didn’t have very many. I only had 14, so it’s not like I’ve put a ton in there, but I’m going to move out of Ios just luckily I did. So the positive of this, I sold it yesterday and I got a 10, so I made like 88 percent, roughly 84 percent on that trade. And then I got another 10 percent because I left it in bitcoin. So I’ve got another 10 percent in that. So in less than a day I made a nice 94 percent return on that. So that’s Ios. I did. Funfair was another one. I have been looking for a coin. So in the US, I don’t know where you’re listening, but in the US they legalized sports gambling. So I’ve been looking for a crypto that

[11:40] we’ll work with that because I think it’s going to be all mobile, they’re going to be doing it in stadiums, it’s going to be mobile. So crypto is a good thing for how secure it is to be doing that with sports gambling. So I found fun. Bear and I actually moved into that

[11:59] yesterday. I bought it three slash 76. I’m up 10 percent right now. I’m actually probably going to sell A. I’m kind of looking at funfairs a longterm hold, but 10 percent in a day, probably going to take that and then watch it. Maybe try and buy and lower or around that same price. But funfair looks pretty good. They are allowing a casinos to come over free for awhile. So that’s another trade I did yesterday. Yesterday, a lot. A lot of things were up loom. So looms an interesting thing. I did. I bought into loom and

[12:39] Yep. So July sixth I bought into loom at 40, basically 40,478 bitcoin. Uh, it went way down and then jumped up and I was down seven percent. So I sold, I took the seven percent loss, then I waited and I bought in again at 3000, 69, bought in there on July 10th. Then yesterday I was up about 15, 16 percent. So I sold A. I made up that seven percent loss, plus an extra eight, eight percent roughly. So we’ll see how that goes. That’s pretty good. I still owned some loom. It’s actually up a little more today, but whatever. Uh, I did put a bio order in again around that 3000 mark. But again, the positive thing is there with that I sold like 15 percent. I got another 10 percent when bitcoin went up today because it’s still sitting in bitcoin. So that’s awesome. That’s good and bad.

[13:44] When you trade with this stuff, you got to move into bitcoin or etherium. If bitcoin goes up, you dealt with your profits. If it goes down, you lost some of your profits. Kind of a pain in the ass. But when we’re it, when it works, it’s awesome. Like it did there. All right, that’s another one. Our Power Ledger. I’m watching. That one’s moved up a ton. I was looking around the 4,000 mark and I, that things moved up a ton when I started. It’s up 47 percent in a week. I should have moved in on that one. Oh well, uh, the other, another one that didn’t go so well as v chain, so I had some beat Shane before washed. It really went down and I bought in it basically 37,000 bitcoin and I was waiting, waiting and I’m down 27 percent right now. I would have sold it my stop loss of like seven percent, but I kind of want to hold to the end of the month to see what happens because they are doing a one to 100 swap at the end of the month.

[14:46] So we’ll see the way everything is going. It’s Kinda kinda jumping up. So I got lucky here. Lucky timing, right. Whatever a little bit as I got aggressive and took the profit with that was there. So that’s Kinda the way I’m doing it. I’m just going to small role at, you know, look for some big gangs, take the smile off their, their loom is a perfect example of what I did yesterday and I got the double benefit of bitcoin going up as well. Taking that 15 percent sitting in bitcoin. Bitcoin goes up 10 percent. I got another one on top. So Hooray for me. Hopefully your guys’ portfolio is going as well. I’m probably going to sell out a funfair when I get when I get off of here, but maybe I should wait. Everything’s going pretty well. But um, I might at least take my initial investment out as probably the thing to do.

[15:41] Anyway, that’s all I got for you there. Uh, I’ll probably get into some more news, but I did a lot of trades. Um, hopefully, hopefully you guys have been buying in or have bought in at these low prices because eventually this is going to swing around and you don’t want to be waiting, you know? I honestly don’t think it’s going to take much for the markets to take off. I really, really don’t. I think once the price of bitcoin goes up and if the media starts talking about again, people are going to come fast, they’re going to come fast because they don’t want to miss the run. Like they’re going to remember this last Christmas, January when it just shot up and they’re gonna think, wow, I’m going to get in on this time and I think it’s just going to skyrocket. Male, maybe not scar, but it’s going to go quick.

[16:33] Hopefully I, you know, a slow rise personally would be good because then you know, don’t have that drastic drop. Let it kind of consolidate up. Then you get more time to accumulate way. I’m looking at it anyway. The kids and I went to hotel Transylvania three today is what it is. Let’s see what it’s rated at. It’s okay. I liked the first one. Second one wasn’t bad. Yeah. It’s got a 61 percent and rotten tomatoes. That’s about right. It is what it is. Go take. The kids, enjoy it. It’s nothing fantastic. You pretty much know exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s fun going with the kids and entertained us a wasn’t deaf, you know, I’ve definitely definitely seen worse. So, uh, other than that, I’ve been playing evil within two on xbox and Oh my God, this is amazing. Steam gives it a nine.

[17:33] Ign. Gave it an eight. I played the first one, liked it well enough, but this is way better. Having a lot of fun with it. Other than that, I’m probably gonna go play it now. I’m going to, I’m going to go try and get scared. I actually was creeped out once in this game. Uh, I usually don’t get creeped out or scared with games, but this one actually, there was a part that creeped me out. This weird looking lady was like, singing. Didn’t, I didn’t like the singing part. She was like humming. It just, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the humming. I’m not going to hum for you, but anyway, there you go. Would you kindly just go ahead, just go ahead and tap. Just go ahead and tap the light. The like button subscribe button. Like you’re buying bitcoin for like 15 bucks. Just imagine how fast and quick you would tap that. Bash it. I don’t care. She just hit the button. I’ll give you a minute. Give you a second. Not going to give you a minute. Anyway, so I got for Ya and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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