$7500 To $50k Part 10


Ok, so we are going to do this differently from now on. People have been wanting to see more of the numbers. Video seemed the easiest way. I will try to keep the videos short. This one will probably be one of the longer ones.

You can also go here for to look at my portfolio.



For those that don’t want to watch the video here is a basic rundown.

The market has taken a downturn. A pretty big one. My portfolio was at a little over $15k.

Now it is at $3300, lol. But, it looks worse than it is. Bitcoin has gone down in price causing my USD amount to fall with it. When Bitcoin goes back up my USD will as well.

The good news is that with this big downturn I have only lost 0.14 Bitcoin. For how bad the market is right now that is not to bad.

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Here is the link for the first post of this series.

$7500 to $50k

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