2FA (Two Factor Authentication)


In the crypto space it is important to take security seriously, just as you would with anything else. Use passwords that have upper and lowercase characters and symbols. Do not click on any suspicious links sent to your email. One of the most important things you can do is use 2FA (two factor authentication).

Most everything you deal with will use 2FA. Exchanges, programs, and wallets.

I advise to use the Authy app on your phone because it will store a remote backup of all your 2FA authentication.

After you enter your login information for a website, it will then ask for your 2FA code. You then will go to the Authy app and see a six digit number. You enter that number and the website will let you in. The number is generated every 30 seconds.

This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get your information without possessing your phone

Activate this security feature for everything. It can most commonly be found in the setting or security sections of the program/website you are in.

This backup will make your life easier when you get a new phone.



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