A Trading Plan, Disenchantment

    Bit Better Have My Money!
    Bit Better Have My Money!
    A Trading Plan, Disenchantment

    I am starting to make a trading plan. This plan, or system, will be something I follow as a set of rules. To do this I am trading small amounts and going for a 2% profit a day. My goal is to get consistent and then start upping the investment amounts. Also started watching Disenchantment on Netflix.

    Blog- https://bitbetterhavemymoney.com/

    Twitter- @mitchellstulken

    Steemit- stulkenm

    Medium- https://medium.com/@stulkenm

    YouTube link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6d8acRcK9h7bY_HRRucHhA

    Brave Browser- https://brave.com/bit302    https://brave.com/bit275

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